PogChamps schedule


The seeding is done and we have the schedules for the matches. The times for all matches can be found here:

The times are in PT (Pacific Time UTC-7)

Hafu's group match schedule:

August 21, 3:00 PM against #5 Davidpakman (@DavidPakman)

August 26, 1:00 PM against #9 easywithaces (@easywithaces)

August 29, 1:00 PM against #13 xQc (@xQcow1)

Dog's group match schedule:

August 23, 2:00 PM against #6 Iwilldominate (@IWDominate305)

August 27, 2:00 PM against #10 tfblade (@R1blade)

August 31, 1:00 PM against #14  qtcinderella (@QTCinderella)

The matches can be followed on