Proposed new group picture


I feel that the current group picture may not be the most flattering representation of our chess hero, Alekhine. He is middle-aged (like me) in that picture, and as we know, Alekhine did suffer from alcoholism, so his looks perhaps did not endure quite as well as might have otherwise been the case. To me, he looks a bit sad. Of course, in middle-age he was pressured by the Nazis to write various articles that he may not have agreed with in order to further their ideology. He was motivated by the desire to protect his Jewish wife.

I have found another photo that I think may be better and am willing to crop it to the appropriate aspect ratio and pixel size if it meets with approval from the other admins and in general with the group as a whole. It is of Alekhine as a young man, confident and on the rise, set to become grandmaster if not already there.

If anyone can find a better photo than this that meets similar criteria, then I would also consider their selection as well.


This is a very good picture, I guess this foto was taken in the mid-twenties of last century, short before he became World Champion what happened in 1927. It would be an appropriate group foto I think.


Looks good, feel free to make the change!


I cropped the right side which was faded, losing part of the chess board in the process, but the position is not easy to determine anyway, although I might be able to reconstruct it by blowing it up to maximum resolution. Resized to 200x200 per recommendation.


Ah, I just remembered to post the source of this and other photos, an excellent web site apparently maintained by the Louvre and the St. Petersburg Museum:


I hadn't seem about 5 of those. Hard to find a lot of them on the internet on a soft search. Have to really look around.