RIP @i_dug_your_graveyard 's soul.


A very sad month for our family has been following.

Our smartest and the most best brother died from a Heart Attack some days ago.

His name was Rahul, the normal owner of this account. i.e Rahul created this account for himself.

This is his elder brother Raju or Rajesh who will be using this account because of membership.

@i_dug_your_graveyard died from a heart attack who now is in heaven.

Unfortunately, i am not a good sport, and i am not like him not at all, so please refrain from relying/messaging/spamming on this account.

You can keep 2 minutes silence for his soul or ignore this forum. 


Not sure what to say, this guy posted it in like 100 clubs



Pretty sure this guy is just admitting to sharing accounts which is against TOS