Road to the Grandmaster title - Checkmating Hikaru Nakamura


2 years ago in the same day, I played a 5 minutes game with Hikaru Nakamura and I was able to checkmate him. Let me review the game.

I played my usual queen's pawn opening, the Torre attack to build up a nice advantage in the center and later I played a4 to challenge his b5 pawn. He captured the a4 pawn and then his a-pawn became isolated which I won soon.

I got a winning endgame, but my time was low, He played very quickly and generated counterplay.

He could win back the pawn and equalize, but missed his chances.

I won a knight fir my extra pawn, but my clock went down to 20 seconds.

My position was winning, but time-wise I was losing.

When I had only 3 seconds on my clock he made a bad move, he attacked my rook, but then I gave him a checkmate in 2 moves.

The best victory of my life. It help me to believe, I can get the Grandmaster title.

The best thing happened in the best time.  A good sign!

You can watch the final minute from Hikaru's stream at  and from my stream at 

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