The  Rapid Chess League is a team based competition, consisting a regular phase and a playoffs phase. Two games per player is demanded each week. All the games will be 10 minutes 2 second increment 10|2 time control.  Won games are worth 1 point, drawn games are worth half a point and lost games are worth 0 points. Unplayed games will award points to the player that tries to play with their opponent. THERE WILL BE 6 TEAMS IN TOTAL, EACH HAVING 5 PLAYERS. THE RANGES ARE-

B1- 1900+ RAPID RTG

B2- 1600- 1899 RAPID RTG

B3- 1300- 1599 RAPID RTG

B4- 1100- 1299 RAPID RTG

B5- <1099 RAPID RTG

Regular Phase

You must play 2 games with your opponent each week. Whichever team that gets the more points gets a match point. 


You will just have to fill out a google form which will be given soon

Team Captain

A team captain also stands in a player position. 

  1. Recruit, Manage, and Represent their team.
  2. Find a substitute player if needed. Put the substitute players in your lineup so that we know that you have a substitute. 
  3. Provide a team name no longer than 32 characters long. 
  4. Be active and communicate for as long as their team lasts in the league. 
  5. Make a team logo. *If you cannot provide a team logo please contact administration so they can have a logo made for your team*


A player responsibilities throughout the season are:

  1. Negotiate by private message or in the negotiation thread when they can play. 
  2. Play their game with their opponent at the negotiated time. 
  3. Post their game results at the results thread. 
  4. Communicate with their team captain in case of impossibility to participate on a certain week or a period of time.
  5. Have their live chess settings to get challenges from everyone. 


Substitute players will stand in the condition for players. They will play if the player cannot play that week or the team captain wants a substitute to play in a certain week. Substitute players may also be recruited mid-season 

Team Formation/Registration

All players must register via. the google form. If a player cannot register they must contact their team captain who should contact the administration. When a team captain completes their team and posts in Team Formation they must make sure there players are registered and have confirmed. Captains are asked to show this by adding Eg: @Player *Registered/Confirmed*, when a player has completed both. *Note: This is not required but highly recommended to help both captain and administration* 


If your opponent doesn't show up(isn't online) at your scheduled time to play and doesn't come online for another 30 minutes then you will negotiate with your opponent again. If they were busy or something then you can schedule another time. If your opponent doesn't show up 2 times in a week you will be awarded a forfeit win. 

Have a fun season 1!

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