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Season 3 Preliminary Info

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    Update: The final count for teams participating is 29 which is quite an accomplishment. A few teams got revived after being dormant for a long time: a special welcome to those. 

    With 29 teams we decided to go with 3 seven team and 1 8 team division which play in a Round Robin system. The placement of the teams predominantly established by the size of active membership but we made a few adjustment based on results of last year. As we play a round robin system there is no need for pairing each round based on momentary results. The schedule is known until the Playoffs but we will still remind the teams when to challenge each other. 

    There is one admin in charge of each division. Scott (Valleyboy) will run Division 1, Jeff (frazetta) Division 2, Bob (RfBoland) Division 3, and I (Dietmar) will run Division 4. As we plenty of new teams there will likely be questions. Please put them forward to us first (or send a message to the admin of the opposing team) rather than questioning things in public.

    Enjoy the competition, grow your groups, and have fun playing your rival states!

  • #2

    Washington is in. (I am simply starting it so the big pressure is off .. Smile)

  • #3

    Oklahoma is in.

  • #4

    And Team Virginia, too.

  • #5

    Iowa.  We will be in it to win it.

  • #6

    Illinois ready

  • #7

    Texas is in.

  • #8

    Utah is in.

  • #9

    All 4 Idaho is in (transferred from another thread) ...

  • #10

    New Jersey's gonna get back into the finals for the third straight year. We're in!

  • #11

    South Dakota is in.

  • #12

    Count NM in

  • #13

    Big MO, checking in.

  • #14

    Kentucky and Nevada are in ...

  • #15

    dadmikeathome wrote: "I am happy to say "Indiana is IN!""

    Transferred from the main page ..

  • #16

    Georgia is in... Wink

  • #17

    Starjock wrote: "The Arizona Team will be participating" (transferred from the main page)

  • #18

    kyska00 wrote: "Count "Team Florida" in." (transferred from the main page)

  • #19

    South Carolina is in

  • #20

    New York's in.

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