So is this group just Miami-Dade?


I've always considered the whole "tri-county" area (Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) to be "South Florida". I grew up in Broward, but live up in Palm Beach County now. But it seems like everyone in this group is talking about Miami only. Anyone a little further north?

Also, what's with the ugly orange and green color scheme? Are you Hurricanes fans or something? *puke* Go Seminoles!!!



Yea we have players from as  far North as Orlando, but I've only organized meets in the Miami area. Feel free to start some meets north through this site.

In regards to the colors, Florida's official colors are orange with green. I have to admit the colors aren't my favorite but I wanted to stay within States color scheme and not some schools.

But go Gators if you want to go that route  > Wink


I live in Miami-Dade and should be going for the canes but my family has seminole history so im there with you buddy


 I live in the limit between Hialeah and Miami Lakes.


I live in naples


I think my location is, in general, too far away for this group.  I live just before the Sanibel causeway and we have an excellent chess club with pretty advanced players that meets twice a week here (Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1 - 5).  If any of you want to carpool and spend a fun afternoon with us - with most excellent cafes and restaurants close by - give me a shout at  We play all year 'round. Cool  Nancy


I live in Doral.


it's everywhere in south Florida i think


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