2nd A Team match v Templarios A Team loses 4.5-5.5 3rd July 2020


1. Marcus Harvey 0.5/2  1st cap

2. Adam C Taylor 1.5/2  1st cap

3. Oliver Gill 0.5/2  2nd cap 2.5/4

4. Matt Wilson 0/2??? 2nd cap 2/4

5. John Naylor 2/0 1st cap  Pizza bonus! 2/2



Others.  Lee 2/2   Peter 0/2     7 players used overall.


Match only lost due to Pizza gate and Marcus couldnt concentrate. Pizza delivery guy was hot! And Pizza was late. Our ace in the pack John Naylor rated 504 showing at least 600 fide strenth as he won both games and gets the Pizza Bonus this week. happy.png