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 This is the place to talk, just follow rules

I know there is a Discord, but many don't have it


It can be accessed through your browser.


Many don't have accounts is what I mean, and if people are on the website, they can just talk here


If interested in daily chess  without  vacations, either  (1 day) or (3 days) move, or 15/10 Rapid, then simply (subtract seven hours from eastern standard time) and let me know. I will be glad to play. If it is 7 pm (EST), it is here 12:00 noon. 


Hello everyone my Friends wink.png

I'm Anthonj Pilloni, Anthon-J with the J because in the distant 80s in which I was born, at the registry office of my city Turin, someone was wrong to register it and then in my life I made it my own peculiarity. Nice to meet you and if you want to be my friends you are welcome! Check my profile if you want to know more about me, and if you Love Music like me, you must watch this Extraordinary Artist that write and sing Chess songs:  Thanks you and have a nice day! wink.pngthumbup.png