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Welcome everyone to The International Chess Club! (Also known as TICC) For new members, welcome! For old members, we are glad to have you! happy.png grin.png We are focus on building a community from noob to pro! If you are a chess person that want to improve and play chess games, then look in the forums for puzzles and chess tactics, and look for chess events like matches, vote chess, tournaments, and more! grin.png If you are a chatty person then chat in the notes, look in the forums for games like lucky number or riddles, and look for club events like big games of puzzle rush or lucky lottery number. tongue.png If you a little of a chatty person and a chess person then you can do a little bit of everything. happy.png Be sure to check in the news for events or updates in the club. articles.png  Have fun! happy.png grin.png wink.png tongue.png


What should I do when I'm new here? 

Read the whole forum and you can post a comment here. Read the rules. ( In's in the info) And your all done! You can post a note you have any questions. 

Why am I invited? 

If you are invited by me, then it usually because you are in a club. My system of inviting is that I pick a club and I invite people from it. If you are invited by someone else then you can ask the admin why they invited you. 

 This forum/ The invite says that the club is active/ there will be always be chess events/ good reason to join TICC            The club is inactive 

Be patient. Sometime I might be busy, or something gone wrong, or some of the staff is inactive, or whatever. Stuff happen and I'm sure there is a good reason for it. If you think it is serious, then you can message me. 

Do I have to be active in TICC?

No, but we would encourage you to leave if you won't do anything in the club. Being active doesn't mean that you have check TICC every time you are in You can always do a puzzle or join a team match. 

If you have any other questions, you can message me, or post in the notes. 

Old welcome forum - 

Introduce yourself here, new members or old! State your username, club you made, (If you have one) country, and favorite things to do other then chess. Enjoy! grin.png


I'll start, I'm @TheChessKnight2000, TICC founder. I am from the USA.  I like studying history and science. I  like playing sports, reading, and biking. grin.png


Not to be mistaken, I can presume you were formerly Ravigagne?

I'm @chessdragon255, I'm one of the coordinators of this club (former) . I like playing chess and I participate in many tournaments on And I have played two fide rated tournaments on the board and two fide rated tournaments online.


I'm @Universe31, formerly Universe30, and I was formerly an admin on TICC. I created a club named Crystal Chess, but one of my inexperienced admins accidentally shut it down. I live in the USA, and I love producing music in my free time.

Here's the link to my Spotify account if you would take the time to listen!