Welcome new members


A simple thread to welcome new club members, and get to know them a little. 


A big welcome to Darkdirk! Jim is a long-time Sauk County resident,  whose heart is in Wisconsin,  but whose body is out of the state. 


I'm Houddinni, but my friends call me Tony (or Jose). My game is all smoke and mirrors, and I thrive in bad positions. I have a "why not?" approach to playing chess, that constantly places me or my opponent in peril. It's a good thing I'm an escape artist. 


A big hello to jdfam7! Jeff is the founder of the Baraboo High School Chess Club, and a member of the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Club.


Hello and welcome to bxh7535! Bob is the former president of the Baraboo Chess Club.  Don't be fooled by his rating,  Bob loves to set up a chess board at the local pub, and beat up on Carnies (at chess).


Go badgers and packers. I am glad to be out of state. I heard this last winter was bad. But at least you all do not have a sun trying to kill you. High 90s low 100s this week.


My name's Joseph. Nice to meet you all!


My name is Jeff Martinson.  I'm retired, so with my extra time I've returned to chess after a 27-year absence.  I now study chess every day.  I live in Baraboo.

I play regularly at the Reedsburg chess club Mondays at 6:30 at J's Pub & Grill.  I also often play 6:30 on Wednesdays in Sauk Prairie at the Vintage restaurant.  Vintage meetings are usually coordinated through emails to confirm that at least two people will be there.


Is there any updates? Looking to play / join a club for OTB games in the area.



Hi @kid2323.  My name is Jeff.  There's a group of us who play regularly in Sauk County. 

We play every Monday evening at J's Pub & Grill in Reedsburg starting around 6:30.  This is a standing meeting with multiple people who regularly appear.

We also meet Wednesdays around 4:00 to 8:00 pm, often at the Baraboo public library.  If we don't meet at the library, we instead meet at the Vintage brewery/restaurant in Sauk Prairie.  The meeting time and place is coordinated via a group email.  Please provide your email address if you're interested.