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Where do you play xiangqi?

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    ...If it's ok to mention other websites for online games.

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    brainking.com is a good place

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    I play on turnplay and playok.

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    I play mainly OTB. 

    I have played turn-based on Richard's Server a few times.  (I don't necessarily recommend Richard's Server; it's an old site, and a personal effort only.  It's better if you are interested in the large selection of other abstract games it offers.) 

    When I have (reluctantly) played turn-based xiangqi, it has usually been with Cyberboard, an email-based program.  One word of warning about Cyberboard though:  you need to pick your opponents carefully.  Since the system offers no way to enforce time controls, games often drag on interminably or simply get abandoned.  So make sure you find reliable opposition.


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    really strong players...and it is live chess not turned based



    just found this today



    this is pretty good live xiangqi too



    good live chinese chess too....has client software to download


    turn based I mostly play on www.brainking.com


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    I forgot to mention clubxiangqi, I played there too. I've just opened an account on brainking. I think the board graphics are horrible.  

    Now the next question: Who wants to play xiangqi on turnplay or brainking? I'm open for challenges.

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    brainking graphics have options....do not choose western graphics...choose the normal Chinese characters and about medium size and it should look better

    I will play you at brainking

    my user id is tookArook

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    @ tookArook: I'll send you a challenge. Is 3 days/move ok for you?

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    I've just seen your challenge, tookArook. Thanks.

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    I also accepted your game at turnplay...I never seen that site but I like the graphics better and it is nice that it is linked to facebook

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    If you guys want, you could discuss your xiangqi games on a forum here in our group...either during or after the games.  I, for one, am hungry for any and all xiangqi analysis !


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    sounds good to me

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    If you want to chat, it helps to speak Vietnamese.  The play is quite good.

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    I just play with physical chinese chess pieces, not anything online.

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    @ Windows-7_

     It must be really great to have OTB opponents! Surprised

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    ActiveDataOnline.com.au is a xiangqi server.

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    i play at Brainking with the name of Tankov.

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    xiangqi now available at goldtoken. com (turnbased)

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    I know the thread is a bit "old" but just in case, we have a brand new Xiangqi with 3D/2D/western skins

    It's here: http://www.jocly.com/xiangqi



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