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    winboard 4.4 now features xiangqi and comes with 3 xiangqi engines including elephanteye

    yes I still enjoy Qianghong program but nice to see winboard has Asian chess built in now

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    and click on link to download windows version

    if using linux etc then get xboard version

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    can get this software too and it is xiangqi only

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    Note that I just prepared a special install for users that mainly want to use WinBoard for Xiangqi. In this install WinBoard it configured to use xiangi as default variant, and the oriental board and pieces as primary board style. This simplifies installing new Xiangqi engines, because you don't have to give all the options with them to alter the WinBoard look.

    This install also contains a strongly improved UCCI2WB adapter. The old adapter only supported running simple engine matches. But now it also supports analysis mode and retract-move, and does communicate all engine options to WinBoard, so you can set them from the user interface, rather than through some obscure ini file.

    There now also is a UCI2WB adapter included, which allows you to run Xiangqi engines using UCI, rather than UCCI protocol. (For instance the superstrong commercial engines Cyclone and ggChess.) This means WinBoard now supports all WinBoard, UCCI and UCI engines.

    The downlad also includes more recent versions of the engines (MaxQi, HaQiKi D and Elephant Eye).


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