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10curtainj's Clubs

  • The Ultimate Training Center

    The Ultimate Training Center

    Members: 398 Formed: Jun 11, 2015

    Welcome to The Ultimate Training Center! We are a great group for those who would like to improve their chess. We put a lot of effort into our Vote...

  • PRO Chess League

    PRO Chess League

    Members: 7,569 Formed: Aug 5, 2016

    The PRO Chess League is the world's premiere online chess league for professionals and amateurs alike! Formerly the US Chess League, the PRO Chess ...

  • The Glory of Chess

    The Glory of Chess

    Members: 307 Formed: Nov 28, 2010

    You have been chosen to be a member of this special group because you are either a thinker, learner or social player. This is a group for people to...

  • Australian Chess Masters

    Australian Chess Masters

    Members: 71 Formed: Mar 22, 2010

    This is the group representing ''Australian Chess Master'' . We are new team that is future #1 team. We are proud Australian! Member not from Austr...

  • Team Australia Under 1500 VC

    Team Australia Under 1500 VC

    Members: 20 Formed: May 30, 2009

    This group is solely for players in Team Australia rated under 1500 to compete against other World League participants in vote chess. The rating...

  • Team Australia

    Team Australia

    Members: 960 Formed: Oct 12, 2008

    This is the official group representing Australia on the Chess.com site. It is for all those who would like to represent Australia and take part in...


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