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Abdiel125's Clubs

  • El Salvador

    El Salvador

    Members: 86 Formed: Feb 27, 2011

    "EL SALVADOR" This is the group representing El Salvador in the Chess.com World League and other tours. It is for all those who would lik...



    Members: 125 Formed: Aug 25, 2012

    Carpe Diem... Sieze not only the day, but the future... IT'S YOURS and make it here. Your choice, Your Future. The Youth of this world are stro...

  • Teens of chess

    Teens of chess

    Members: 388 Formed: Feb 14, 2009

    This is a group for the teens of chess.com.So join the group if you like going crazy and under 20 . JOIN NOW!!!!! says every teen in the land we...


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