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Adamredsox24's Clubs

  • Sic semper tyrannis

    Sic semper tyrannis

    Members: 102 Formed: Oct 24, 2017

    "government should be set up so that no man need be afraid of another" .....Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning "thus always to tyrants"....

  • Debate+


    Members: 4,016 Formed: Aug 2, 2013

    Debate+ is all about chat, especially in the groupchatroom at live chess, the place where you play you play your blitzgames. Here we meet old frien...

  • World Peace Chess Club

    World Peace Chess Club

    Members: 3,838 Formed: Jun 8, 2012

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace". Jimi Hendrix! Welcome to the Grandest group on this site!...

  • Battle For Victory

    Battle For Victory

    Members: 780 Formed: Jan 15, 2014

    Battle For Victory is a team for chess players who never stop fighting for his or her victory.And to our philosophy even honorable defeats against ...

  • Chess Delight

    Chess Delight

    Members: 189 Formed: Nov 10, 2015

    We're a diverse, up-and-coming group devoted to learning and playing. We welcome all new members and appreciate the support where we get it.

  • Starfleet Academy

    Starfleet Academy

    Members: 568 Formed: Apr 2, 2012

    Chess, the final frontier. These are the games of the Starfleet Chess players. Our intellectual mission: to explore strange new strategies, to seek...

  • Sacred Pawn Legion

    Sacred Pawn Legion

    Members: 10,099 Formed: Jan 6, 2010

    The Sacred Pawn Legion is an army of the best chess players, and those who aspire to be the best chess players fighting to be the number one team o...

  • China Club

    China Club

    Members: 163 Formed: Aug 27, 2016

    <中国俱乐部>我们致力于建设更加活跃的、有序的和高质量的中国团队。(非官方联赛队)如果你有兴趣,请立即加入我们!欢迎加QQ群交流148279836 <China Club> We are committed to building a more active, ...

  • The International Chess Club

    The International Chess Club

    Members: 553 Formed: Nov 19, 2013

    This is a group with 575+ members where you can join and play team matches, play in vote chess matches but most of all , play chess. We hope we ca...

  • Big Game Hunters

    Big Game Hunters

    Members: 723 Formed: Aug 10, 2009

    This is a group, allied in friendship, focused on climbing the Chess.com food chain as rapidly as possible.   Our goal, taking down apex predators,...

  • chess rogues

    chess rogues

    Members: 515 Formed: Apr 26, 2016

    defining your own style of play. Traps,gambits and swindles are our stock in the greatest game invented.

  • World Friendship

    World Friendship

    Members: 1,647 Formed: Apr 27, 2010

    This group is based on friendship and goodwill, allowing chess lovers to meet and network from the four corners of the world.The group's solidity w...

  • Wallyjack's Elite Alliance of Chess Zealots

    Wallyjack's Elite Alliance of Chess Zealots

    Members: 1,019 Formed: Jan 13, 2017

    This is a group, allied in friendship, which is focussed on climbing the Chess.com leader board as rapidly as possible. We will accomplish this mig...

  • Komodo Dragon Kingdom

    Komodo Dragon Kingdom

    Members: 148 Formed: Jan 31, 2017

    Komodo Dragon Kingdom is for the elite only.

  • Chess Lab

    Chess Lab

    Members: 1,241 Formed: Dec 9, 2016

    Welcome to the Chess Lab. The goal of this club is to help everyone to become stronger chess players. We want players who not only play chess for f...

  • Chess Unlimited

    Chess Unlimited

    Members: 10,843 Formed: Apr 1, 2008

    Chess Unlimited was formed in 2008 as one of the earliest formed teams on chess.com. Over the years, Chess Unlimited has seen many changes and has ...

  • Tortoise Chess Club

    Tortoise Chess Club

    Members: 2,082 Formed: Oct 28, 2015

    A team for 5-14 day match play.



    Members: 1,787 Formed: Oct 2, 2014

    Come play with us an interesting chess match and CHOCOLATE II The chocolate house, is in memory for the times of our childhood, parents, brothers, ...

  • Chess School

    Chess School

    Members: 10,998 Formed: Jan 21, 2011

    Welcome to Chess School! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! If you feel yourself worthy, come on in and join ...

  • Friends of Chess

    Friends of Chess

    Members: 453 Formed: Jan 13, 2016

    Friends of Chess is seeking to build a winning team. You can share in our success. Become a match playing member. Join today. Our address is: ...

  • The Ultimate Chess Kingdom.C.D.C

    The Ultimate Chess Kingdom.C.D.C

    Members: 230 Formed: Apr 6, 2016

    All are invited . It's our club .We will help u energise and improve in our kingdom of chess where queen helps the King and king helps all .The un...

  • Wolfpack Chess

    Wolfpack Chess

    Members: 348 Formed: Oct 5, 2015

    This group is open to all chess players worldwide !!! Woof Woof :-)

  • Fans of Magnus Carlsen

    Fans of Magnus Carlsen

    Members: 247 Formed: Jan 21, 2016

    This is a group for all Magnus Carlsen fans. All are welcome! We play Vote Chess and Team Matches.

  • Agent Jason Bourne

    Agent Jason Bourne

    Members: 37 Formed: May 19, 2015

    If you're a fan of the Jason Bourne Series, this is the group for you. High drama, intense action, intelligence gathering; stealth and all things ...

  • Precious2c -n- Friends

    Precious2c -n- Friends

    Members: 142 Formed: Dec 8, 2014

    Hello Friends ! This group is dedicated to one of the best mods in chess.com, Precious2c, for all her help, friendly advices and impartial moderat...

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