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Am573's Clubs

  • The Pirate Crew

    The Pirate Crew

    Members: 14 Formed: Aug 12, 2011

    A small group of strong players who fly the black flag !

  • 1...b6


    Members: 158 Formed: Feb 19, 2009

    The group is no longer active; no vote chess, no team matches. It is simply a resource. You may find useful info in the group forum and archived vo...

  • 1.b3 Nimzo-Larsen Attack

    1.b3 Nimzo-Larsen Attack

    Members: 437 Formed: Dec 5, 2008

    The purpose of this group is to study, learn and share about the Nimzo-Larsen Attack (A01). Join our vote games and read our forums to learn to pla...

  • SuperTroopers


    Members: 24 Formed: Aug 25, 2009

    Super Troopers is a group focused on great chess discussions. Participating in these discussions is a good way to improve your chess and share your...


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