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Anaqueen's Clubs

  • writter zone

    writter zone

    Member: 1 Formed: Dec 7, 2013

    Poets make pets of pretty, docile words: I love smooth words, like gold-enamelled fish Which circle slowly with a silken swish, And tender on...

  • ♔ Awesome Amazons

    ♔ Awesome Amazons

    Members: 153 Formed: Apr 13, 2013

    We are an ALL FEMALE GROUP open to Awesome ladies of ALL RATINGS, and just like the Amazon women of myth and legend we aim to be the most powe...

  • Friends Play Chess!

    Friends Play Chess!

    Members: 676 Formed: Nov 12, 2013

    This is the group for friends! We all respect each other in this group, black or white, red or purple. It just starts with a few friends, but as we...

  • Friends for ever

    Friends for ever

    Members: 0 Formed: Oct 31, 2013

    i am happy in being alone :) until ,my best friend will understand me.

  • Interesting Way

    Interesting Way

    Members: 306 Formed: Oct 30, 2013

    hi all,welcome to your group;)

  • " Ray Duque III Club International "

    " Ray Duque III Club International "

    Members: 424 Formed: Oct 11, 2011

    Please join this International group wherever you are for fun, post in the notes and forums, friendship, chats, play chess games, practice and more...

  • © aRated2000Int'l.™

    © aRated2000Int'l.™

    Members: 879 Formed: Aug 12, 2013

    FRIEND we meet by chance here in Chess.com and turned into friends. And our chess hobbies making our friendship grows more with the passing time. A...

  • The Beatles Experience - Here Comes the Sun

    The Beatles Experience - Here Comes the Sun

    Members: 241 Formed: Jul 5, 2009

    One of the most influential bands ever! We do have and enjoy all types of music. Lets make a great group. Share the memories and have fun! Clap ...

  • ♡♛The Fairy Queens!♛♡

    ♡♛The Fairy Queens!♛♡

    Members: 189 Formed: Sep 27, 2013

    This group has tons of fun forums and team matches! I hope you have fun playing, chatting, posting, and making friends here! We aspire to be one of...



    Members: 79 Formed: Aug 19, 2013

    This is a fun group for all people who want to represent yourself or just want a fun team match/vote chess or even play fun forum games/tournaments...

  • Artemis


    Members: 3 Formed: Jun 7, 2013

    First Lady Artemis sailors and naval commander of the Iranian Achaemenid آرتميس نخستين بانوي دريانورد و فرمانده نيروي دريايي هخامنشيان در ایران

  • The Ministry of Silly Walks

    The Ministry of Silly Walks

    Members: 25 Formed: Jun 1, 2013

    'Tis a silly place. But a fun place! Do you sometimes like to play crazy dubious combinations just for fun? Do you enjoy confusing someone with...

  • Persian Help Group

    Persian Help Group

    Members: 33 Formed: Jan 15, 2013

    این گروه با هدف راهنمایی و کمک به همه ایرانیان عزیز در این سایت ایجاد شده است.دوستانی که نیاز به راهنمایی ، کمک ویا سوالی درباره سایت دارند ،می توا...

  • ♔ Persian Gulf Forever ♔

    ♔ Persian Gulf Forever ♔

    Members: 1,155 Formed: Jun 6, 2011

    Persian Gulf *** The Persian Gulf is located in Western Asia between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula. The Persian Gulf has many good fishi...

  • Super FLash

    Super FLash

    Members: 631 Formed: Jul 9, 2012

    Looking for a nice home to play chess? Where friendship and fun are more important than just wins? Where the flavor is truly international and ever...

  • Justice For KHOJALY

    Justice For KHOJALY

    Members: 171 Formed: Jan 2, 2013

    Khojaly Genocide: 26 February 1992 Killed-613 Infants-83 Families-8 Hostages-1275 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khojaly_Massacre http://khoja...

  • Pasargard Headquarters

    Pasargard Headquarters

    Members: 2 Formed: Jun 4, 2013


  • Pasargad


    Members: 71 Formed: Jun 2, 2013

    Pasargad, the capital of Cyrus the Great and also his last resting place, was a city in ancient Persia, and is today an archaeological site and one...



    Members: 736 Formed: Apr 20, 2012


  • Bond Archives

    Bond Archives

    Member: 1 Formed: Feb 18, 2012


  • Chess Nuts!

    Chess Nuts!

    Members: 1,305 Formed: May 9, 2009

    Join Chess Nuts! - CHAMPIONS TM LEAGUE IN 2012 -CHAMPIONS TM LEAGUE IN 2011 - CHAMPIONS TM CHAMPIONSHIPS IN 2010 - Our team is both very ...


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