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Anarchos61's Clubs

  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet

    Members: 2,551 Formed: Feb 13, 2012

    Welcome to Romeo and Juliet #8 group on leader board! This group is for serious players who want to improve their skills! Romeo and Juliet has th...

  • Seagull


    Members: 345 Formed: May 22, 2014

    "Seagull" is a relaxing team of more than 350 members where all great spirits meetCool A stressless place for all free souls, where I ...

  • Team Hellas

    Team Hellas

    Members: 794 Formed: Mar 17, 2011

    Team Hellas welcomes all members who care for Greece, enjoy chess and are courteous to their colleagues and their opponents. We place emphasis on f...

  • Lewisham Chess Club

    Lewisham Chess Club

    Members: 8 Formed: May 14, 2015

    This is the home of Lewisham Chess Club players on Chess.com. We field teams in The London Chess League, Kent League and Croydon and District Chess...

  • 300 Spartans

    300 Spartans

    Members: 599 Formed: Dec 10, 2014

    “The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy but where are they!” ― Plutarch. 300 Spartans is a team of chess players committed to...

  • Active Turn-Based Tournament Players

    Active Turn-Based Tournament Players

    Members: 925 Formed: Feb 8, 2015

    This group has been specifically made for chess.com members who enjoy participating in turn-based games and tournaments. This group will be a mediu...

  • Advanced Theoretical Discussion Group

    Advanced Theoretical Discussion Group

    Members: 546 Formed: Oct 28, 2012

    The aim of this group is to create and maintain a HIGH LEVEL Theory Forum for Advanced Players. New Membership is open to anyone who has a current...

  • The 13th Legion

    The 13th Legion

    Members: 566 Formed: Jul 31, 2011

    The Emperor Augustus has ordered the 13th Legion to be reformed. This was the famed legion of his uncle Julius Caesar. The 13th is the most trusted...

  • Bob Dylan's chess players

    Bob Dylan's chess players

    Members: 69 Formed: Apr 17, 2014

    Chess players from all over the world and Bob Dylan literate at the same time. You have to show good knowledge of the matter to jump in the club!

  • Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy

    Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy

    Members: 1,004 Formed: Jan 8, 2014

    Earth is about to be demolished by the ghastly Vogons to make way for an Intergalactic hyperspace bypass! But, DONT PANIC, Zaphod Beeblebrox, the P...

  • Frank Marshall golden team

    Frank Marshall golden team

    Members: 916 Formed: Apr 10, 2014

    Dedicated to past chess players that have made chess more fun and improved chess for everyone

  • VIP Paul Morphy Chess

    VIP Paul Morphy Chess

    Members: 908 Formed: Aug 31, 2014

    "Chess is eminently and emphatically the philosopher's game." (The exact quote is "It is eminently and emphatically the philosopher'...

  • ChessQueen


    Members: 131 Formed: Aug 5, 2014

    Welcome to ChessQueen. This group is open to all players regardless of their playing strength. The joy of the chess game and the exciting moments d...

  • Space Angels Watching Mr Mercedes In Andromeda's Cluster Of Infinite Bright Stars

    Space Angels Watching Mr Mercedes In Andromeda's Cluster Of Infinite Bright Stars

    Members: 3,030 Formed: Jan 11, 2013

    We are Space Angels who love Chess, Music & Dancing. We fly into Orbit with the Music Beat, to pick up Dangerous Space Debris during the Day, a...

  • The Atheists

    The Atheists

    Members: 1,515 Formed: Sep 20, 2010

    All freethinkers are invited to join our group. Whether you consider yourself atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, non-theist, post-theist, natural...

  • London


    Members: 160 Formed: Aug 18, 2010

    This club represents London in chess.com's official World Cities League (WCL), European Cities League (ECL) and the Chess960 World Cities League (C...

  • The Master's Bulletin

    The Master's Bulletin

    Members: 2,556 Formed: Feb 3, 2014

    The Master's Bulletin is Chess.com's first and only "subscription based" chess training magazine. This group is to serve with news, updates, promot...



    Members: 886 Formed: Aug 10, 2013

    A Closed group for semi-professional chess players (regardless of their rate) which gives you the real fun on feeling your success if you are a r...

  • Atheists, Agnostics, and Deists

    Atheists, Agnostics, and Deists

    Members: 32 Formed: Oct 12, 2012

    This is a closed group for thoughtful discussions between atheists, agnostics, and deists who are in basic agreement on the scientific process itse...

  • Karemma Ministry of Trade

    Karemma Ministry of Trade

    Members: 113 Formed: Dec 11, 2013

    The Karemma Ministry of Trade is a unique group reserved for the best and brightest chess.com has to offer.

  • Team United Kingdom!

    Team United Kingdom!

    Members: 624 Formed: Jan 4, 2014

    We are the official team that represents the United Kingdom on chess.com! We are a team of honesty, integrity, humility and sportsmanship! We welco...



    Members: 753 Formed: Mar 21, 2010

    Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Original FIDE group.While FIDE CLUB is not directly affiliated with the official FIDE, it is a group...

  • The Beatles Experience - Here Comes the Sun

    The Beatles Experience - Here Comes the Sun

    Members: 240 Formed: Jul 5, 2009

    One of the most influential bands ever! We do have and enjoy all types of music. Lets make a great group. Share the memories and have fun! Clap ...

  • Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

    Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

    Members: 695 Formed: Nov 8, 2011

    This is a group for all the players that have played in my tournaments. I host several different series of tournaments, and if you want to be invi...

  • Tirades ± Vendettas

    Tirades ± Vendettas

    Members: 2,632 Formed: Oct 19, 2010

    This is a group for intense debates and open discussion covering any every subject.

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