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Antiko's Clubs

  • Team Algeria - الجزائر

    Team Algeria - الجزائر

    Members: 584 Formed: Aug 21, 2011

    When someone says " Algeria الجزائر", a mixture of emotions come up. Unity, Fighting Spirit, Will to win for Algeria الجزائر, Friendship,...

  • Cheating Forum

    Cheating Forum

    Members: 3,732 Formed: Jun 17, 2009

    This club is NOT a place to learn 'how to cheat' or to name and shame people you feel are/may be cheating. It is a place to discuss various aspects...

  • Algerian chess masters

    Algerian chess masters

    Members: 126 Formed: Aug 7, 2009


  • New Jersey Chess Team

    New Jersey Chess Team

    Members: 398 Formed: Jan 7, 2009

    This is a group for all those on chess.com who currently live in or are former residents of New Jersey. We compete against other teams in team matc...

  • U.S. Chess Federation

    U.S. Chess Federation

    Members: 2,200 Formed: Dec 23, 2012

    U.S. Chess Federation is the premier team for American chess players as well as all members of the United States Chess Federation. With over 1500 m...

  • US Team Chess League

    US Team Chess League

    Members: 166 Formed: Jul 4, 2010

    Group dedicated to the creation of a US Team Championship League.

  • World League

    World League

    Members: 2,384 Formed: Feb 28, 2009

    Welcome to the Chess.com World League! Players from all over the world gather to enjoy team matches with players from other countries. All the la...

  • Anti-Sicilians


    Members: 1,127 Formed: Mar 20, 2011

    Anti-Sicilian lovers. White players prefer to avoid the Open Sicilian altogether, preferring one of the many 'Anti-Sicilian' lines on offer.These n...

  • Arabian Team  . الفريق العربي

    Arabian Team . الفريق العربي

    Members: 955 Formed: Jun 20, 2015

    الفريق العربي للشطرنج يرحب بجميع أطياف المجتمع العربي للمشاركة في ..النشاطات الشطرنجية من تحديات كبيرة وتحليلات وألغاز وشروحات وأخبار -------------...



    Members: 148 Formed: Jun 20, 2009

    "AFRICAN LEAGUE" Welcomes you! It's open for anyone interested of the African League! Please join your national team,play and enjoy tour...

  • Team Palestine

    Team Palestine

    Members: 465 Formed: Sep 6, 2010

    This is the one and only OFFICIAL GROUP for all Palestine chessplayers, as well as for all those lovers and supporters of Palestine from right arou...

  • American Group

    American Group

    Members: 600 Formed: Sep 27, 2008

    This is a group for the Americans of chess.com. We're playing many vote chess games and team matches, and more are always starting. This team is op...

  • Team Drugs

    Team Drugs

    Members: 87 Formed: Sep 23, 2010

    This group is for all who wants to be a dictator on chess.com....don't take the name seriously We are just kidding with you,have fun and play your ...

  • Team Mediteran

    Team Mediteran

    Members: 596 Formed: Apr 13, 2010

    Team Mediteran is a group of members from all countries of the Mediterranean, but members from all around the world are welcome to join too.

  • Islam Chess Unity

    Islam Chess Unity

    Members: 1,619 Formed: May 8, 2008

    أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله "I bear witness that there is no deity other than Allah(SWT) and that Muhammad(SAW) is his...

  • whran


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • realmadredwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • xxbarcaaa


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • kouba


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • nahd


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • Harach


    Members: 5 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • Usma


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • Moulodia


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • Jsk


    Member: 1 Formed: Aug 21, 2011


  • Chess Players of African-Descent

    Chess Players of African-Descent

    Members: 525 Formed: May 19, 2009

    This is a group that can serve as a home to players of African Decent and foster a sense of community sharing ideas and love for the game! We play...


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