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Applevii's Clubs

  • !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    Members: 13,939 Formed: Apr 29, 2012

    13,000+ members. Come join the VERY BEST coaching group on the World Wide Web!. Led by the top selling coach on chess.com for last 3 years! Simple ...

  • Dan Heisman Learning Center

    Dan Heisman Learning Center

    Members: 13,708 Formed: Jul 25, 2012

    Welcome to the premier location for SLOW CHESS on Chess.com - real tournaments - played on the Live Chess Server at time controls such as G/45+45 a...

  • Bobby Fischer Group

    Bobby Fischer Group

    Members: 7,079 Formed: Dec 11, 2008

    Hello, the Fischer club is in a transition period, New requirements apply. Now you must request to join The BOBBY FISCHER group. You must have bel...

  • Asian League Headquarters

    Asian League Headquarters

    Members: 213 Formed: Feb 24, 2009

    Asian League Headquarters (ALHQ) is where all the Asian League's events are organised. Only officials of teams participating in our tournaments and...



    Members: 79 Formed: Aug 19, 2013

    This is a fun group for all people who want to represent yourself or just want a fun team match/vote chess or even play fun forum games/tournaments...

  • The Chess Headquarters

    The Chess Headquarters

    Members: 5,169 Formed: May 22, 2012

    Hi generals! This is a group for serious players who want to be in complete charge of this game. So we aim to have all kinds of activities that a c...

  • International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group

    International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group

    Members: 667 Formed: Feb 19, 2012

    Welcome to the International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group! This team was specifically created for those who want to play 10 minute vote chess. Howeve...

  • Three Sheets to the Wind

    Three Sheets to the Wind

    Members: 40 Formed: Aug 3, 2013

    This group loves to play chess. Come join this friendly competitive group. Make a statement by coming on board let the sail out to catch the wind.

  • To Come About

    To Come About

    Members: 82 Formed: Jul 25, 2013

    A great group of people who love to play chess. All are welcome to join.

  • We Love Las Vegas

    We Love Las Vegas

    Members: 57 Formed: Mar 21, 2009

    For all those who want to join this group, especially the ones who live in Fabulous Las Vegas are allowed to join. Like We said, everyone is allowe...



    Members: 753 Formed: Mar 21, 2010

    Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Original FIDE group.While FIDE CLUB is not directly affiliated with the official FIDE, it is a group...

  • Chess Master

    Chess Master

    Members: 669 Formed: Mar 19, 2010

    Please join this amazing and fun team. Mainly by joining this team you will learn quite a lot of things such as chess is not just for fun it can al...

  • Webkinz is the best

    Webkinz is the best

    Members: 3 Formed: May 11, 2013

    Webkinz is always better than angry birds no matter what that's why I made a group for that. But if you think that angry birds are better than webk...

  • Webkinzfans


    Members: 3 Formed: May 9, 2013

    The best and the most things good about webkinz

  • Team  Libya

    Team Libya

    Members: 177 Formed: Oct 27, 2011

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .... Hello Every One >>>> The love of chess is our motivation to create this group . If you love ch...

  • Anonymous


    Members: 65 Formed: Jan 29, 2013

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  • TEAM Awesomeness

    TEAM Awesomeness

    Members: 60 Formed: Feb 3, 2013

    This group was started by AwesomeXue and is for awesome people who rule chess with awesomeness. So whoever is awesome please join this group! ;) Th...

  • Asian Chess Federation

    Asian Chess Federation

    Members: 416 Formed: Apr 3, 2010

    This is the accredited chess.com site for the Asian Chess Federation (ACF), the official body recognised by FIDE to promote all forms of chess thro...

  • World League Headquarters

    World League Headquarters

    Members: 496 Formed: Oct 18, 2008

    Team Match World League HQ. This is a private group for the admins of national teams that are participating in chess.com's World League Team Match...

  • World League

    World League

    Members: 2,384 Formed: Feb 28, 2009

    Welcome to the Chess.com World League! Players from all over the world gather to enjoy team matches with players from other countries. All the la...

  • Sky is not the limit

    Sky is not the limit

    Members: 74 Formed: May 10, 2011

    This group is about those people who love chess and kind hearted people anyone can join us even low rated players can join us here we are here to p...

  • Team Korea

    Team Korea

    Members: 434 Formed: Mar 30, 2009

    안녕하세요! 대한민국 chess.com 공식그룹, Team KOREA 입니다. This group is the official group representing Korea in the World Cup. We are active in team matches and...


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