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Aroant's Clubs

  • Chess.com-edy


    Members: 191 Formed: Dec 31, 2015

    Welcome to the ideal meeting place for all aspiring comedians, or people who simply want a laugh. Our main activity is in the notes and forums (we'...

  • Chess Choices

    Chess Choices

    Members: 244 Formed: Jan 19, 2016

    Chess Choices club activities: 1.) Enjoy the club, play & learn chess; 2.) Develop long-term quality of friendships; 3.) Participation in: a) S...



    Members: 125 Formed: Nov 4, 2016

    CLUB RANDOM FISCHER has agreed to work on the new application if you want to find out and learn more from chess.com! - We are creating a workmanshi...

  • Club Atlético Temperley

    Club Atlético Temperley

    Members: 24 Formed: Oct 16, 2016

    - We invite you to play on our team, We are ranked in the AFA League, FIFA Club World Cup, 2017 Gold Cup, National Championship, and International...

  • FC Wohlen

    FC Wohlen

    Members: 32 Formed: Nov 5, 2016

    We invite you to our team to play Cups, tournaments and leagues. They are admitted from all countries !!

  • Venezia


    Members: 118 Formed: Mar 31, 2016


  • Natalia Varlei

    Natalia Varlei

    Members: 45 Formed: Nov 1, 2016

    Natalia Varlei and freinds

  • Sportivo Atlético Club Las Parejas de Santa Fe

    Sportivo Atlético Club Las Parejas de Santa Fe

    Members: 19 Formed: Oct 15, 2016

    - We invite you to play on our team, We are ranked in the AFA League, FIFA Club World Cup, 2017 Gold Cup, National Championship, and International...

  • Darts, Beer and Chess

    Darts, Beer and Chess

    Members: 577 Formed: Jul 16, 2015

    We love the Darts. A friendly international Fun Group for all Chessplayers who love the Darts and a nice pint of Beer.

  • Unlimited Chess960

    Unlimited Chess960

    Members: 694 Formed: Feb 17, 2010

    Welcome to Unlimited Chess960! The goal(s) of this group is to create the largest and most active Chess960 group on chess.com. Come and join us to ...

  • King's Gambit Players

    King's Gambit Players

    Members: 1,173 Formed: Feb 21, 2009

    Welcome to King's Gambit Players Group! This group is for players who frequently play the King's Gambit(if not always!). We have frequent team mat...

  • Motörhead


    Members: 354 Formed: Jan 10, 2016

    http://www.imotorhead.com/ For all the fans worldwide with love, enjoy our chess team and have fun friends!

  • Chess For Anyone!

    Chess For Anyone!

    Members: 140 Formed: Apr 25, 2016

    If you like chess, then this is the best group for you. We do fair chess games. Anyone can join. Whoever joins gets a trophy from ME!

  • The Cool Cats

    The Cool Cats

    Members: 619 Formed: Jan 6, 2015

    come join our band and let's have fun

  • The White Wolf

    The White Wolf

    Members: 1,144 Formed: Jan 13, 2015

    Fierce and loyal ...

  • Pawn Sacrifice

    Pawn Sacrifice

    Members: 777 Formed: Feb 9, 2016

    You were selected for this invitation to join based on your active team play. Please come join our very friendly group of members active in team ma...

  • -kingdom-


    Members: 205 Formed: Jun 28, 2016


  • Elke Rehder

    Elke Rehder

    Members: 695 Formed: Jun 27, 2016

    The Game of chess has been a dominant subject in Elke Rehder's work for many years. The artist is fascinated by chess not only as a game but as a t...

  • Amateur International PIT Team

    Amateur International PIT Team

    Members: 132 Formed: May 10, 2016

    If you like to participate in tournaments you are in the right team. Here you will find a list with many tournaments. We are also participating in ...

  • ♥♥♥  Imagine Dragons ♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥ Imagine Dragons ♥♥♥

    Members: 311 Formed: May 18, 2016

    Fan club of Imagine Dragons

  • ♥ Kristina and Imagine Dragons lovers ♥

    ♥ Kristina and Imagine Dragons lovers ♥

    Members: 767 Formed: Jan 7, 2016

    Its my group and for those who like Kristina and Imagine Dragons

  • ♥ French Queen ♥

    ♥ French Queen ♥

    Members: 960 Formed: Nov 30, 2015

    This group is dedicated to Mary Kuhner, an American chessplayer who tied for 4th-5th in the 1987 US Womens' Championship and is now trying to break...

  • Isle of Lewis

    Isle of Lewis

    Members: 344 Formed: Mar 31, 2016

    The Isle of Lewis is one of the remotest islands of Europe. It has a long history revolving mostly around Celtic and Norman dominance. It is here t...

  • D A C I I

    D A C I I

    Members: 468 Formed: Jun 28, 2013

    Implicarea noastra a tuturor romanilor in recuperarea adevărului istoric și a identității naționale reale, in conservarea valorilor superioare ale ...

  • Scarlet Dreams

    Scarlet Dreams

    Members: 327 Formed: Feb 23, 2012

    Ever had a dream of playing chess for an international Team ? Ever thought you might not be good enough ? SCARLET DREAMS wants you to join and be ...


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