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Banedral's Clubs

  • Team Serbia

    Team Serbia

    Members: 164 Formed: Aug 2, 2009

    This is a new group! This is an active Serbian Group that play team matches and vote chess verse other country teams. You can only join if your Ser...

  • The Orthodox Christian Chess Players

    The Orthodox Christian Chess Players

    Members: 348 Formed: Oct 1, 2010

    A group for Orthodox Christian Chess Players all over the world. You are ALL welcome (Orthodox or not) but with the respect to the people and the...

  • Serbian Group

    Serbian Group

    Members: 266 Formed: Dec 3, 2008

    Za sve ljubitelje šaha iz Srbije, nije važno gde sad živite.

  • JAT-Naša krila

    JAT-Naša krila

    Members: 7 Formed: May 16, 2011

    Za sve šahiste a posebno za Naša krila !!

  • Ћирилица / Кириллица / Кирилица / Кірыліца

    Ћирилица / Кириллица / Кирилица / Кірыліца

    Members: 413 Formed: Dec 5, 2011

    Само за оне који пишу ћирилицом. Команда для тех, кто пишет кириллицей. Це група для тих, хто пише на кирилиці Here is your home.

  • Alapin Variations

    Alapin Variations

    Members: 127 Formed: Apr 24, 2011

    All Alapin variations / Все Алапинские вариации. This group makes part of The SuperWeb, please join our friendly network to find more groups and...

  • Chess Bay960

    Chess Bay960

    Members: 676 Formed: Jul 13, 2010

    It's a Team only operate Chess960 . Now our member is 960+ with a powerful Average Team Rating is near 1700. It's a official site of Chess Bay.If y...


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