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Bigstupidfingers's Clubs

  • Darts, Beer and Chess

    Darts, Beer and Chess

    Members: 577 Formed: Jul 16, 2015

    We love the Darts. A friendly international Fun Group for all Chessplayers who love the Darts and a nice pint of Beer.

  • Chess960 Players Group

    Chess960 Players Group

    Members: 3,253 Formed: Jun 30, 2009

    Join the largest Chess960 group (3,250+ members) on chess.com! Chess960 is the most fun game and the best type of chess invented by the best chess ...

  • Chess Society

    Chess Society

    Members: 3,029 Formed: Jan 25, 2009

    Welcome! For you who want to play team matches and vote chess games together with other mates from all over the world! We're #7 on the vote chess l...

  • Chess.com's Europe Group

    Chess.com's Europe Group

    Members: 194 Formed: Jul 11, 2008

    Everyone who lives in Europe or has lived there is allowed to join. Meet, chat, talk, exchange ideas and play chess with people all over Europe. We...

  • Lifetime Diamond Members

    Lifetime Diamond Members

    Members: 30 Formed: Dec 25, 2008

    This is the invited group for lifetime diamond members before 2009 only, all members are the super admin, you could do anything except delete or ba...

  • Travelling,Nature,Photography


    Members: 261 Formed: Sep 25, 2008

    Here's a group for everyone who likes: Traveling,nature,photography,backpacking,camping,hiking,mountaineering,skiing,trekking,snorkeling,scuba divi...


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