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Blessing_in_disguise's Clubs

  • The Optimum

    The Optimum

    Members: 984 Formed: Nov 17, 2011

    Welcome to Optimum, stronghold of the selected few that have been admitted into its ranks. Those that have been chosen are expected to be trustwort...

  • Justice


    Members: 2,130 Formed: Jan 30, 2012

    Justice, Δικαιοσύνη, Gerechtigkeit, Giustizia,справедливость, عدالة ,正义 Welcome to a group that ab...

  • Mental Champions

    Mental Champions

    Members: 226 Formed: Dec 25, 2011

    Mental concentration, and we come here ......yes and we need all great chess minds like your mind ...... you should join us as we represent the rea...


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