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Buttercuplady's Clubs

  • Sarah's Dream Team

    Sarah's Dream Team

    Members: 18 Formed: May 29, 2012

    "Sarah's Dream Team" is a small, personal team of Sarah. It is a team of friends. We have fun and play Team-Matches against other teams. ...

  • The Farm

    The Farm

    Members: 1,507 Formed: May 3, 2009

    The Farm™  is a comedy style super group (whatever that means), as well as a great chess group - #70 on the Team Match leaderboard.  Join if you li...

  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet

    Members: 2,550 Formed: Feb 13, 2012

    Welcome to Romeo and Juliet #8 group on leader board! This group is for serious players who want to improve their skills! Romeo and Juliet has th...

  • ASIA


    Members: 5,197 Formed: Feb 20, 2009

    Asia is the largest continent with the most population in the world. The best chess players in the world are from Asia. Our goal is to unite all of...

  • Mental Champions

    Mental Champions

    Members: 226 Formed: Dec 25, 2011

    Mental concentration, and we come here ......yes and we need all great chess minds like your mind ...... you should join us as we represent the rea...

  • celine chess dream team

    celine chess dream team

    Members: 86 Formed: Feb 12, 2010

    For lovers of romantic music and chess; for those who listen to music while they play; for people who are in love or in search of love; for people ...

  • ♥ Beauty Team ♥

    ♥ Beauty Team ♥

    Members: 146 Formed: Mar 3, 2011

    Talking about beauty all over the world.Beauty alone is nothing but with intelligence it means more and more !! We will play beautiful chess with ...

  • Pampanga ''Dragons''

    Pampanga ''Dragons''

    Members: 98 Formed: Jun 17, 2010

    To all fanatic wood pushers, you are all welcome to join this group and enjoy your games with us! We try to create a solid group! The group of th...

  • October


    Members: 167 Formed: Sep 16, 2011

    October - the heart of Autumn. Is the wait for something new and happiness to come to you. Reaching new goals and high succeess. We can be queens a...

  • Second Amendment Rights

    Second Amendment Rights

    Members: 434 Formed: Apr 30, 2011

    "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringe...

  • The Philippine Chess Olympiad

    The Philippine Chess Olympiad

    Members: 457 Formed: Jul 4, 2010

    The Philippine Chess Olympiad, Home of the Brave and the finest collection of Filipino chess talents all over the world. We strive for chess Excell...

  • Anime & Manga Chess Club

    Anime & Manga Chess Club

    Members: 1,370 Formed: Nov 13, 2008

    A group for chess players who also enjoy Japanese style animation and manga comics. We are a friendly group, so feel free to join;) Right now, we...

  • chess power/female rules

    chess power/female rules

    Members: 231 Formed: Oct 15, 2010

    CHESS POWER/FEMALE RULES is team for everyone who loves womens and love to play chess, and every female who loves opposite sex and playing ches...

  • We love Natalia Pogonina!

    We love Natalia Pogonina!

    Members: 1,120 Formed: Feb 15, 2010

    A little space for all those who admire one of the best (and beautiful, by the way) female chess players in the world, grandmaster Natalia Pogonina.


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