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Cesarvegan's Clubs

  • Team Spain

    Team Spain

    Members: 1,857 Formed: Dec 13, 2008

    Team Spain es el equipo nacional que representa a España en las ligas oficiales de chess.com, Liga Mundial, Liga Europea y Liga Mundial de a...

  • Ajedrez en Español

    Ajedrez en Español

    Members: 2,664 Formed: Jan 24, 2013

    Ajedrez en Español nace con la intención de reunir en un mismo equipo a todos los usuarios de Chess.com que utilizan el españo...

  • The Cats

    The Cats

    Members: 1,423 Formed: Aug 31, 2009

    Welcome to The Cats! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! We're an unequalled international chess group with me...

  • Chess and Music Lovers

    Chess and Music Lovers

    Members: 430 Formed: Oct 22, 2016

    Music is the art where all the sounds of different cultures are combined, creating a unique melody. Chess is also the art of creating beautiful arr...



    Members: 265 Formed: Jul 17, 2009

    Chess has light pieces and dark pieces: Welcome to GOTHIC, home of the dark side where we embrace our desire and burn brightly in the knowledge tha...

  • Animal Lovers

    Animal Lovers

    Members: 400 Formed: Sep 19, 2008

    This is a group for anyone who loves animals.

  • International Irish Tigers Club

    International Irish Tigers Club

    Members: 618 Formed: Jun 3, 2012

    This International Irish Tigers Team is for any one who enjoys a game of chess and likes to have fun.

  • The Coffee Bean Cafe

    The Coffee Bean Cafe

    Members: 1,269 Formed: Apr 8, 2016

    Welcome To The Amazing Coffee Bean Cafe. Come on in and enjoy the rich aroma and satisfying flavour of a delicious cup of coffee. The Coffee...

  • World Friendship

    World Friendship

    Members: 1,647 Formed: Apr 27, 2010

    This group is based on friendship and goodwill, allowing chess lovers to meet and network from the four corners of the world.The group's solidity w...

  • The Harmony Chess

    The Harmony Chess

    Members: 668 Formed: Jun 7, 2015

    The group is based on friendship, respect (among us and our opponents) - no matter the race, sex, age or how good of a chess player you are, as lon...

  • Venezia


    Members: 118 Formed: Mar 31, 2016




    Members: 1,070 Formed: Jun 11, 2015

    This group is for all who love the cats !!

  • Elke Rehder

    Elke Rehder

    Members: 695 Formed: Jun 27, 2016

    The Game of chess has been a dominant subject in Elke Rehder's work for many years. The artist is fascinated by chess not only as a game but as a t...

  • ♕Alexandra Kosteniuk♕

    ♕Alexandra Kosteniuk♕

    Members: 221 Formed: Aug 22, 2016

    Aleksandra Konstanínova Kosteniuk is a chess player, model, actress and Russian writer and twelfth female chess world champion. Wikipedia

  • CLUB 960

    CLUB 960

    Members: 910 Formed: Jul 29, 2015

    Hello,As a strong active player. you are cordially invited to join CLUB 960. Our team has just finished 3rd to Team Russia and Iranian in the 2017 ...



    Members: 1,485 Formed: Feb 25, 2015

    “You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.&rdquo...

  • Anarchist Kitchen

    Anarchist Kitchen

    Members: 134 Formed: May 8, 2012

    Anarchism is more than a political philosophy; it is a way of life that encompasses political, pragmatic and personal aspects. Anarchists believe ...

  • The 13th Legion

    The 13th Legion

    Members: 566 Formed: Jul 31, 2011

    The Emperor Augustus has ordered the 13th Legion to be reformed. This was the famed legion of his uncle Julius Caesar. The 13th is the most trusted...



    Members: 52 Formed: Apr 5, 2016

    this is an special group for special players. join and play thematic games, chess 960, fast games 1day move. and we have a game for our top 5 playe...

  • KNIGHTS of the REALM

    KNIGHTS of the REALM

    Members: 1,174 Formed: Aug 13, 2013

    The Knights main goal is to set up fair Team Matches, and everyone play their best. And if you cheat, you will disgrace yourself and the game. If y...

  • Lord Of The Rings

    Lord Of The Rings

    Members: 699 Formed: Jan 25, 2015

    This community is dedicated to all things related to The Lord Of The Rings. We welcome all, humans, hobbits, dwarves, wizards, elves and orcs alike...

  • Cafe Jasmin - Open 24/7

    Cafe Jasmin - Open 24/7

    Members: 840 Formed: Jun 11, 2015

    Welcome to Cafe Jasmin. The beauty of a move lies not in its appearance but in the thought behind it. We play chess in tournaments, team matches an...

  • King's Team

    King's Team

    Members: 1,312 Formed: Apr 17, 2011

    The King's Team is here to protect the King, and fight on his behalf.



    Members: 877 Formed: Dec 31, 2014

    Named in honor of our founder, Mindy Murphy, MINDY'S RED LANTERN may be better known for sexy fun and banter. If you like your chess to be more rel...



    Members: 168 Formed: May 23, 2014

    We are the chosen few… the CYBERMEN ELITE. Only those committed to excellence will join our Ranks. Let go of your human weakness and join u...

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