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Couldplaybetter's Clubs



    Members: 4,169 Formed: Jan 25, 2009

    Welcome to Team Europe! This team is for all European players. Now 3,900+ members! We play team matches and vote chess against other regional or in...

  • Essex County Chess Group

    Essex County Chess Group

    Members: 63 Formed: Mar 3, 2009

    This Group has been set up to compete in the English County Championships.

  • KNIGHTS of the REALM

    KNIGHTS of the REALM

    Members: 1,174 Formed: Aug 13, 2013

    The Knights main goal is to set up fair Team Matches, and everyone play their best. And if you cheat, you will disgrace yourself and the game. If y...



    Members: 973 Formed: Jan 29, 2015

    The new international group. The group aims to unite Woodpushers all around the world. We play team matches and vote chess. We have Chess Puzz...

  • Dumbo's chess friends

    Dumbo's chess friends

    Members: 12 Formed: Jul 1, 2016

    This is a fun group, mainly for chatting among friends, although we do organize Vote Chess and Team Matches as well. Most of us are or were member...

  • City of Coventry Chess Society

    City of Coventry Chess Society

    Members: 6 Formed: Feb 1, 2015

    We are a small group of players, either living in Coventry (West Midlands) or originating from there.

  • ♔ Sapios ♕

    ♔ Sapios ♕

    Members: 23 Formed: Apr 25, 2012

    Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence in others. We thrive on the mental side of life and as they say, the brain is the sexiest part of the bo...

  • Fast Tournament Players

    Fast Tournament Players

    Members: 577 Formed: May 6, 2016

    Hi, please consider joining the Fast Tournament Players club, we have lots of fun and quick tournaments. This is a team dedicated for players wh...

  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem

    Members: 1,075 Formed: May 27, 2012

    CARPE DIEM: We Are THE FIGHTING VIKINGS:)) Ah....“quam minimum credula postero” Seize the day. Join us as we continue to build a great...


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