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Danik1's Clubs

  • Shalom Israel

    Shalom Israel

    Members: 247 Formed: Jun 7, 2009

    Here at "Shalom Israel" we play lots of vote chess and team matches. joining the team has nothing to do with the country or place you ar...

  • Checkmaters of Chess.com®

    Checkmaters of Chess.com®

    Members: 249 Formed: Mar 21, 2009

    Hello! The checkmaters of chess.com group is an active group! All players that join can be of any rating, 0 -9999. We have numerous of team matches...

  • Canadian Juniors

    Canadian Juniors

    Members: 73 Formed: Mar 1, 2014

    This is for all Canadian that are under 18. We play in the Junior International Cup!

  • Canadians of chess.com

    Canadians of chess.com

    Members: 33 Formed: Mar 20, 2009

    we are a bunch of Canadians ready to have fun.

  • 2014 World Mind Games!

    2014 World Mind Games!

    Members: 1,794 Formed: Aug 26, 2014

    Join this group to compete in the world's first ever Mind Games online chess tournament! Compete with thousands of other chess enthusiasts and win ...

  • The FREE SIMUL group admins

    The FREE SIMUL group admins

    Members: 7 Formed: Aug 1, 2014

    this group is only for admins of the The FREE SIMUL group



    Members: 125 Formed: Nov 19, 2014

    Hi everybody. I had another simul group, but It's a bit inactive. We are starting all over again. For starters, we are partnered with The Learning ...

  • Israel Supporters

    Israel Supporters

    Members: 321 Formed: Sep 25, 2014

    To all Supporters of the Jewish State. Let us fight for peace! This group is open to all players regardless of their playing strength. We offer tea...



    Members: 27 Formed: Oct 25, 2014

    A group that is organised to represent your Country in the CHESS LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL WORLD TOURNAMENT. You will be competing in GROUP TEAM MATCHES...



    Members: 98 Formed: Jul 31, 2012

    We're the group for Montreal Canadiens (NHL) hockey team. Founded in 1909, the Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice ho...

  • SuperTeam


    Members: 37 Formed: May 3, 2014

    A small group bringing together some of the more creative and interesting chess players on the site to play, and share ideas. The team is comm...

  • Space Angels Watching Mr Mercedes In Andromeda's Cluster Of Infinite Bright Stars

    Space Angels Watching Mr Mercedes In Andromeda's Cluster Of Infinite Bright Stars

    Members: 3,030 Formed: Jan 11, 2013

    We are Space Angels who love Chess, Music & Dancing. We fly into Orbit with the Music Beat, to pick up Dangerous Space Debris during the Day, a...

  • Vote Chess Elo Rankings

    Vote Chess Elo Rankings

    Members: 284 Formed: Oct 21, 2011

    Welcome to the Vote Chess Elo Rankings group! The latest Vote Chess ratings and rankings are published here. There are also ratings for Speed Vot...

  • The Junior World League

    The Junior World League

    Members: 217 Formed: Aug 20, 2014

    Formed: Nov 7, 2013 Hello Everyone. Americans, Scotish, Irish, Polish, Australian ect. This group is a competition, called The Junior Internationa...

  • Team Ontario HQ

    Team Ontario HQ

    Members: 4 Formed: Aug 20, 2014

    admins for Team Ontario can plot evil deeds here

  • Chess School

    Chess School

    Members: 10,974 Formed: Jan 21, 2011

    Welcome to Chess School! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! If you feel yourself worthy, come on in and join ...

  • Learning Inc. AC

    Learning Inc. AC

    Members: 2 Formed: Aug 8, 2014

    This club is only for the Admins of Learning Inc. If you guys see this join Learning Inc.

  • Clean Teams

    Clean Teams

    Members: 13 Formed: Jun 27, 2014

    A gathering place for players committed to playing clean vote chess. We also organize the World Summit vote chess tournament for clean national te...

  • Unusual openings

    Unusual openings

    Members: 90 Formed: Jun 10, 2013

    This group is for unusual openings. For people who want to play unusual openings, come join! It will probably surprise your opponent!

  • World Juniors HQ

    World Juniors HQ

    Members: 4 Formed: Jul 20, 2014

    This is a private group for the admins of World juniors teams. When you apply to join, please state which World team you are an admin for.

  • ****WORLD - STARS****

    ****WORLD - STARS****

    Members: 115 Formed: Aug 15, 2011

    Hello everybody! We are an international team that accepts players from all around the world. Everyone in the group plays as a community. We belive...

  • MirkoBabic


    Members: 939 Formed: Jun 4, 2009

    Welcome! Our group "Mirko Babic" is for all chess playing people in our world! If You wish to be a famous player, please join our...

  • **Superheroes Chess Group**

    **Superheroes Chess Group**

    Members: 255 Formed: Jun 5, 2014

    Welcome to the Superheroes Chess Group! We are one of the most aggressive groups on Chess.com, and offer a range of opportunities to enjoy chess, i...

  • Best Fighters

    Best Fighters

    Members: 160 Formed: Jun 16, 2014

    Join The Best Fighters! We accept players with all kind of ratings and we don't care about where you come from. Join us and play some fun games!

  • ♦Quest for Excellence♦

    ♦Quest for Excellence♦

    Members: 683 Formed: Dec 21, 2012

    Quest for Excellence is a group where all kinds of players can meet to share a unique experience and improve their chess. Many team matches and vot...

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