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Dbruser's Clubs

  • alexandhiscros's group tournaments--Rd. 3

    alexandhiscros's group tournaments--Rd. 3

    Members: 8 Formed: Jun 3, 2012

    Everyone who made it 3rd round in under of host tournament director, alexandhisedisoncros will be join only!! This is restrict group who made it 3r...

  • Chess University

    Chess University

    Members: 43,045 Formed: Jun 16, 2010

    Chess University is the global leader in online chess education located at ChessUniversity.com to bring students the absolute best chess learning e...

  • The Optimum Forum Chess: Team Black

    The Optimum Forum Chess: Team Black

    Members: 4 Formed: May 1, 2012

    This team is for The Optimum's Forum Chess. This team represents black on the chess board. Please do not join if you are not a member of The Optimu...

  • The Chess Players Club

    The Chess Players Club

    Members: 379 Formed: Dec 18, 2011

    This group is a place for keen chess players to have fun!!! Our aim is to become the best group on Chess.com!!! Everyone will be accepted!!!

  • The Optimum

    The Optimum

    Members: 984 Formed: Nov 17, 2011

    Welcome to Optimum, stronghold of the selected few that have been admitted into its ranks. Those that have been chosen are expected to be trustwort...

  • The Learning Group

    The Learning Group

    Members: 1,345 Formed: Sep 16, 2008

    This is a group for those that like to learn. We work together as a group in learning new openings and defenses. We also play in team matches. We e...

  • Unorthodox Openings

    Unorthodox Openings

    Members: 160 Formed: Dec 29, 2008

    Here you'll find resources to build up your unorthodox openings repertoire. Just played the Grob and beat a 2000+? Share your game! Unorthodox ...

  • Alexander Alekhine and his defense

    Alexander Alekhine and his defense

    Members: 237 Formed: Feb 22, 2009

    A group for the 4rth World Chess Champion.At this group you can see some of Alekhine's games,opening lines for his defense,photos and articles abou...

  • Fast Players Group

    Fast Players Group

    Members: 1,283 Formed: Jun 27, 2008

    This group is for people that like to play fast. Bored with people only making minimum moves?......then play here since that kind of play is not ac...

  • ECHOOooo's Tournament Group

    ECHOOooo's Tournament Group

    Members: 394 Formed: Jan 12, 2012

    This is a group for players who have played in my tournaments and those who may be interested in future tournaments. We play primarily "regula...

  • Kairav's Chess Masters

    Kairav's Chess Masters

    Members: 692 Formed: Mar 30, 2009

    Join Kairav's Chess Masters!

  • Vienna Gamers

    Vienna Gamers

    Members: 54 Formed: May 29, 2009

    A group for learning for those who either play or are interested in the Vienna Game, the Vienna Gambit or its close relations like the Bishop's Ope...

  • Red Army

    Red Army

    Members: 913 Formed: Oct 16, 2008

    We are fans of ALL sports. Football/Soccer is our favorite, along with Chess of course. Manchester United Football Club whose Fan club is known as ...


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