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Desker's Clubs

  • Karjakin Chess Club

    Karjakin Chess Club

    Members: 536 Formed: Feb 3, 2017

    Sergey Karjakin (Сергей Карякин) is a International Grandmaster, winner of the World Cup 2015, winner of the Candidates Tournament 2016, World Ches...

  • Chess University - Iran

    Chess University - Iran

    Members: 65 Formed: Mar 4, 2017

    Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Iran who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize and...

  • Boris Spassky Chess Club

    Boris Spassky Chess Club

    Members: 737 Formed: Jul 2, 2016

    This group is intended for strong players with high rating and Gran Master Boris Spassky lovers was created to special players rated over...



    Members: 934 Formed: Dec 31, 2012

    به خانواده ايرانيان خوش آمديد. امكانات لازم براى اعضا عبارتند از: نصب اپليكيشن آندرويد سايت يا امكان اتصال به اينترنت هرسه روز يك بار جهت شركت در م...

  • شطرنج ايراني

    شطرنج ايراني

    Members: 26 Formed: Jul 15, 2014

    سلام، از دوستاني به اين گروه دعوت ميشود كه شطرنج و مسابقات برايشان جدي باشد و تاجاي ممكن از امتياز بالاي برخوردار باشند،ممنون

  • ♔ Persian Gulf Forever ♔

    ♔ Persian Gulf Forever ♔

    Members: 1,155 Formed: Jun 6, 2011

    Persian Gulf *** The Persian Gulf is located in Western Asia between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula. The Persian Gulf has many good fishi...

  • Top Players

    Top Players

    Members: 458 Formed: Jun 29, 2013

    For Everyone! Anyone can play like a GM!

  • Cyrus the Great

    Cyrus the Great

    Members: 543 Formed: Sep 10, 2012

    کوروش بزرگ (کوروش کبیر)یکی از پادشاهان هخامنشی بود که در بین سال‌های ۵۵۹ تا ۵۲۹ پیش از میلاد، بر نواحی گسترده‌ای از آسیا حکومت می‌...



    Members: 1,390 Formed: Jul 1, 2012

    our goal is to revive Iran's former team, which recently closed; and no political purpose of applying for this team. hope of being together t...


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