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Dggill5's Clubs

  • Extremely Fast Correspondence Players

    Extremely Fast Correspondence Players

    Members: 234 Formed: Jul 11, 2012

    This group is dedicated to playing fast online chess games via team matches and regular smaller tournaments. We only play 24/hr games with no vaca...

  • Common Ground Chess Chapel

    Common Ground Chess Chapel

    Members: 340 Formed: Apr 12, 2009

    The Common Ground Chess Chapel is a place where Interdenominational Born Again Christians could find Common Ground. Whether it be A Praise Report,...

  • Christian Chess Community

    Christian Chess Community

    Members: 269 Formed: Aug 10, 2011

    Statement of Beliefs We are a group of Christians that consider ourselves to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to reflect Christ in our liv...

  • Thematic Group for Amateur Players

    Thematic Group for Amateur Players

    Members: 154 Formed: Mar 19, 2015

    This is a group for Premium members interested in receiving invitations to our thematic tournaments with custom trophies. They are multi-round, 24 ...

  • Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

    Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

    Members: 695 Formed: Nov 8, 2011

    This is a group for all the players that have played in my tournaments. I host several different series of tournaments, and if you want to be invi...

  • Wanderain's tournament players group

    Wanderain's tournament players group

    Members: 22 Formed: Apr 26, 2016

    A group specifically for those players that like to play the fastest tournaments. All of Wanderain's tournaments are no vacation, 24hours/move with...

  • The Fastest of the Fast

    The Fastest of the Fast

    Members: 15 Formed: Feb 14, 2013

    This is a subgroup of the Extremely Fast Correspondence Players group. If you have been invited to this group you are one of the fastest players o...


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