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Diabolikusa's Clubs

  • Space Angels Watching Mr Mercedes In Andromeda's Cluster Of Infinite Bright Stars

    Space Angels Watching Mr Mercedes In Andromeda's Cluster Of Infinite Bright Stars

    Members: 3,030 Formed: Jan 11, 2013

    We are Space Angels who love Chess, Music & Dancing. We fly into Orbit with the Music Beat, to pick up Dangerous Space Debris during the Day, a...

  • The 13th Legion

    The 13th Legion

    Members: 566 Formed: Jul 31, 2011

    The Emperor Augustus has ordered the 13th Legion to be reformed. This was the famed legion of his uncle Julius Caesar. The 13th is the most trusted...

  • The Green Lantern Corps

    The Green Lantern Corps

    Members: 230 Formed: Jul 5, 2013

    I fight for all the suns, stars and planets of the universe. I now know what I must do. The Corps must be rebuilt, the rings have gone out to find...

  • Stultorum Feriae (Roman Festival of Fools)

    Stultorum Feriae (Roman Festival of Fools)

    Members: 145 Formed: Mar 13, 2013

    This group will only play 960 chess. We are a branch of The 13th Legion.

  • The Roman Colosseum

    The Roman Colosseum

    Members: 384 Formed: Oct 29, 2012

    This group will serve as the tournament branch of The 13th Legion. The Colosseum will be open to everyone who wants to get the first crack at Roman...



    Members: 1,009 Formed: Aug 30, 2012

    For Iron Maiden and Chess. Great games and friendship.

  • Star Trek: The Dominion

    Star Trek: The Dominion

    Members: 1,696 Formed: Aug 9, 2012

    The Dominion was established over 2000 years prior to the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, by the Changelings (ie Founders), as a means of def...

  • Order of the Jedi

    Order of the Jedi

    Members: 370 Formed: Nov 22, 2012

    Join with us as we fight against the Galactic Empire, Order of the Sith, and all others who would stand in the way of justice and freedom! [Members...

  • No Sandbaggers Allowed...

    No Sandbaggers Allowed...

    Members: 33 Formed: Nov 12, 2010

    This group is based on beating the sandbaggers that are out there. A sandbagger is someone who is a high rated player but loses games intentionally...


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