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Fijidive's Clubs

  • Chess Society

    Chess Society

    Members: 3,028 Formed: Jan 25, 2009

    Welcome! For you who want to play team matches and vote chess games together with other mates from all over the world! We're #7 on the vote chess l...

  • Chess Association

    Chess Association

    Members: 1,841 Formed: Jan 14, 2009

    The Chess Association has attracted more than 1,800 chess players from around the world. We are a diverse group of men, women, boys, and girls, ...

  • We Chat Global

    We Chat Global

    Members: 11,642 Formed: Dec 7, 2008

    We're a unique group with over 10,000 members from around the globe. We host the largest all women, teen, kids and men groups in Chess.com...Global...



    Members: 1,935 Formed: Oct 16, 2012

    JUNGLE TEAM use the JUNGLE THEME. We have fun! GM, WGM, FM, Average range and Novices players are welcome. You are welcome to join us as an ac...

  • WWCA,  World Wide chess addicts

    WWCA, World Wide chess addicts

    Members: 334 Formed: Apr 15, 2012

    For all of those that love chess and who believe that chess is not just a game, a sport or an art only, but a way of life.We are a group that know...



    Members: 9,104 Formed: Oct 15, 2008

    Hi! We invite you to join: "The Power of Chess" We have been #1 of both the Vote Chess and Team Chess leaderboards. Currentl...

  • United World

    United World

    Members: 345 Formed: May 13, 2009

    The United World Group invites anyone who believes in tolerance as a key human virtue. We aim to have at least one female and one male from as man...

  • Team Fiji

    Team Fiji

    Members: 9 Formed: Mar 10, 2012

    This is the group representing Fiji in the Chess.com World League. It's for all those who 'd like to participate in League Team Matches. Members ca...

  • International Chess League

    International Chess League

    Members: 565 Formed: Sep 27, 2010

    This group is all about fun, teamwork and games! We have team matches, vote chess, chess 960 and open discussion on anything and everything. There ...

  • Chess Champ

    Chess Champ

    Members: 5,963 Formed: Mar 1, 2011

    A group for all levels of players, just looking for fun, advancement, challenge, and to learn. We will have constant vote chess, team matches, tour...

  • Chess School

    Chess School

    Members: 10,992 Formed: Jan 21, 2011

    Welcome to Chess School! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! If you feel yourself worthy, come on in and join ...



    Members: 512 Formed: May 6, 2010

    Every member joins Must have the Scorpion soul Scorpion Death Strike Scorpion wins..

  • MirkoBabic


    Members: 939 Formed: Jun 4, 2009

    Welcome! Our group "Mirko Babic" is for all chess playing people in our world! If You wish to be a famous player, please join our...

  • The Dragon of chess.com

    The Dragon of chess.com

    Members: 78 Formed: Jun 29, 2010

    This group is made for all Black strong players. But also open for one who likes to play White. We do some regular team matches and some discussion...

  • Total Random Team

    Total Random Team

    Members: 1,130 Formed: Dec 11, 2009

    Welcome ... Come n help us fight our many Chess Battles .. Team/ Vote Matches n participate in our Group Tourneys !!! " Light the Passion...

  • It's Your Move ...

    It's Your Move ...

    Members: 231 Formed: Mar 4, 2010

    Chess is about Analysis,Strategies,Tactics n wise/logical Decision Making in the quickest time possible ... very much analogous to our required re...



    Members: 431 Formed: Jun 22, 2009

    VALHALLA! Home to noble Viking warriors, fallen in battle. Abode of the Norse Gods. Valhalla (Valhöll) is the grandest of the great halls o...

  • Mikhail Tal Fans

    Mikhail Tal Fans

    Members: 884 Formed: Apr 13, 2009

    This is the group created for Mikhail Tal Fans! Mikhail Tal (November 9, 1936 – June 28, 1992) was a Soviet-Latvian chess player, a Grandm...

  • Team Oceania

    Team Oceania

    Members: 13 Formed: Sep 8, 2009

    This is a team for people in oceania

  • The Brain Strainers of chess.com!

    The Brain Strainers of chess.com!

    Members: 762 Formed: Jul 10, 2009

    This is a special group on chess.com where plenty of puzzles, quizzes etc. is displayed here from different people who enjoy this type of thing.

  • Chess Association - Oceania

    Chess Association - Oceania

    Members: 60 Formed: Mar 31, 2009

    Welcome to Chess Association - Oceania!



    Members: 414 Formed: Mar 1, 2009

    PPKs is a group to deal with P4SSED P4WNS and chess in general. We'll work on Tactics, Strategies, Defenses, End Games... As Nimzowitsch said: &quo...

  • Chess Warriors

    Chess Warriors

    Members: 481 Formed: Feb 18, 2009

    This is a group for everyone who loves chess and don't give up without a fight. We are a very active group in team matches, tournaments and especia...


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