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Fins0905's Clubs

  • PRO Chess League Late Qualifier

    PRO Chess League Late Qualifier

    Members: 61 Formed: Oct 17, 2017

    This is the official club for participants in the late qualifier.

  • OleChess - St. Olaf Chess Camp

    OleChess - St. Olaf Chess Camp

    Members: 16 Formed: Sep 12, 2013

    For OleChess campers or staff both from past and upcoming camps! Watch for news about upcoming OleChess, or just connect with friends from past ...

  • Fins0905


    Members: 91 Formed: Apr 4, 2009

    Group for IM John Bartholomew... ...so I can play Vote Chess :)

  • PRO Chess League Management

    PRO Chess League Management

    Members: 110 Formed: Aug 5, 2016

    Official group for managers and players of the PRO Chess League.

  • Minnesota Blizzard Fan Club

    Minnesota Blizzard Fan Club

    Members: 68 Formed: Dec 17, 2016

    This is the official fan club of the PRO Chess League's Minnesota Blizzard!

  • Chess.com/TV


    Members: 1,898 Formed: Nov 11, 2010

    WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL Chess.com/TV Group! You’ve arrived at the “one-stop” place for All Things “Chess.com/TV.” ...

  • Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship

    Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship

    Members: 131 Formed: Feb 25, 2016

    This is the official group players must join in order to be eligible for competing in the 2016 GM Blitz Battle Championship Qualifier tournament, t...

  • Let’s Play Chess.com Streamers Challenge

    Let’s Play Chess.com Streamers Challenge

    Members: 31 Formed: Jul 29, 2015

    This group is for organizing the special ChessTV event.

  • Special Group

    Special Group

    Members: 5 Formed: Aug 26, 2014

    Playing chess.

  • Minnesota State Chess Association

    Minnesota State Chess Association

    Members: 553 Formed: Jun 23, 2014

    This the official group for the Minnesota State Chess Association (MSCA). The MSCA is the state affiliate to the United States Chess Federation (US...

  • The Master's Bulletin

    The Master's Bulletin

    Members: 2,556 Formed: Feb 3, 2014

    The Master's Bulletin is Chess.com's first and only "subscription based" chess training magazine. This group is to serve with news, updates, promot...

  • Chess.com's Titled Players

    Chess.com's Titled Players

    Members: 58 Formed: May 16, 2009

    This Team/Group only consists of Titled players. We hope to play COMPETITIVE team matches and vote chess matches with the occasional Team/Group tou...

  • Video Authors

    Video Authors

    Members: 10 Formed: Mar 31, 2009

    A group for authors of chess.com videos to share information and keep in touch about what we are doing!


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