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Gold_grizzly's Clubs

  • The Unsound Openers

    The Unsound Openers

    Members: 187 Formed: Apr 11, 2013

    This group is for high rated players (average 1800+) who believe openings that are considered "unsound", often provide the most fun and d...

  • Team England

    Team England

    Members: 881 Formed: Oct 13, 2008

    Team England is the national club representing England in chess.com's official World League, European League, 960 League, Vote Chess World Cup and ...

  • Leamington CC

    Leamington CC

    Members: 12 Formed: Aug 8, 2015

    A group for Leamington players to congregate online and improve.

  • King's Gambit Players

    King's Gambit Players

    Members: 1,173 Formed: Feb 21, 2009

    Welcome to King's Gambit Players Group! This group is for players who frequently play the King's Gambit(if not always!). We have frequent team mat...

  • Leamington Chess Club

    Leamington Chess Club

    Members: 2 Formed: May 11, 2013

    We have a spacious and comfortable room at The Liberal Club, and we play every Tuesday, starting at 7.30pm. Newcomers of all ages and all levels of...


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