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Grinmaster's Clubs

  • HTRYC Study Group

    HTRYC Study Group

    Members: 52 Formed: Aug 13, 2014

    This group is dedicated to studying IM Jeremy Silman's classic, How to Reassess Your Chess (HTRYC).

  • Cleveland Browns Backers

    Cleveland Browns Backers

    Members: 8 Formed: Mar 6, 2010

    This is the group for all die-hard Browns fans, all over the world!

  • !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    Members: 13,953 Formed: Apr 29, 2012

    13,000+ members. Come join the VERY BEST coaching group on the World Wide Web!. Led by the top selling coach on chess.com for last 3 years! Simple ...

  • Dan Heisman Learning Center

    Dan Heisman Learning Center

    Members: 13,722 Formed: Jul 25, 2012

    Welcome to the premier location for SLOW CHESS on Chess.com - real tournaments - played on the Live Chess Server at time controls such as G/45+45 a...

  • U.S. Chess Federation

    U.S. Chess Federation

    Members: 2,202 Formed: Dec 23, 2012

    U.S. Chess Federation is the premier team for American chess players as well as all members of the United States Chess Federation. With over 1500 m...

  • Team USA Southeast

    Team USA Southeast

    Members: 476 Formed: Dec 4, 2008

    Team USA: Southeast is the team that represents players from the southeastern U.S. (i.e., Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virgini...


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