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Heart_of_tarrasch's Clubs

  • Hikaru and Buddies™

    Hikaru and Buddies™

    Members: 1,421 Formed: Dec 25, 2013

    This Group is Dedicated for Bullet, Blitz Beast, Online, Chess960, Vote-chess, "Hikaru".

  • ChessNetwork Global

    ChessNetwork Global

    Members: 491 Formed: Aug 4, 2010

    You should join 'ChessNetwork Global' to be updated of newly created instructional videos by a National Master, to interact with others via forums,...

  • Courageous Few

    Courageous Few

    Members: 156 Formed: Aug 4, 2011

    Courage is not an attribute that any and every person possesses at birth. One must work hard his whole life to attain and preserve courage in the f...

  • 💋 𝒩𝒾𝓃𝒿𝒶 𝐸𝓂𝓅𝒾𝓇𝑒

    💋 𝒩𝒾𝓃𝒿𝒶 𝐸𝓂𝓅𝒾𝓇𝑒

    Members: 2,423 Formed: Aug 30, 2012

    Welcome, Shinobi Warrior into the presence of future epic battles alongside well armed warriors. Many Masters in fact and proven experts.We ho...

  • Chess Champ

    Chess Champ

    Members: 5,961 Formed: Mar 1, 2011

    A group for all levels of players, just looking for fun, advancement, challenge, and to learn. We will have constant vote chess, team matches, tour...

  • Eight-Way Fork

    Eight-Way Fork

    Members: 251 Formed: Feb 8, 2013

    The Fork itself is a beautiful thing. Not the utensil with eating food but the utensil we use to capture to opponents pieces in a beautiful manor....

  • Galactic Empire

    Galactic Empire

    Members: 1,923 Formed: Jun 16, 2012

    Welcome, dobrodošli, 歓迎 , ترحيب , welkom, aceitável , boas-vindas , willkommen, 欢迎, καλωσόρι&...

  • !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    Members: 13,933 Formed: Apr 29, 2012

    13,000+ members. Come join the VERY BEST coaching group on the World Wide Web!. Led by the top selling coach on chess.com for last 3 years! Simple ...

  • Baker Street Irregulars

    Baker Street Irregulars

    Members: 3,376 Formed: Aug 31, 2009

    This is a group for all Sherlock Holmes fans. We are here to discuss all things Holmes - the stories, Baker Street, Watson, the movies, and - of c...

  • Asian Girls

    Asian Girls

    Members: 7 Formed: Mar 4, 2013

    This is a group for Asian females only. Whether you are Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or whatever, all are welcome. Definitely NO males! ...

  • International Club

    International Club

    Members: 298 Formed: Mar 29, 2013

    The international club is for anyone with an interest in chess



    Members: 2,003 Formed: Jan 11, 2013

    Welcome to CHESS STAR RESORT. The one and only resort on chess.com. The Resort is for members and visitors who wants a training camp, eventually wi...

  • Chess Books Club

    Chess Books Club

    Members: 53 Formed: Sep 7, 2012

    This is a club that invites all who desire to expand their knowledge by reading chess books. Everyone is welcome to join upon admin approval.

  • Vladimir Kramnik Club

    Vladimir Kramnik Club

    Members: 251 Formed: Dec 17, 2012

    Команда для болельщиков чемпиона мира, великого шахматиста и хорошего человека Владимира Борисовича Крамника. Vladimir Kramnik was the World Ches...

  • Pinoy Chess Philippines

    Pinoy Chess Philippines

    Members: 3,412 Formed: Nov 27, 2009

    PINOY CHESS PHILIPPINES is a group of Filipino Players who are natural born, acquired citizenship, a mixture of race living within the Philippines ...

  • French Defense Fanatics

    French Defense Fanatics

    Members: 1,171 Formed: Aug 16, 2008

    If you like to play the French Defense or would like to learn more about this interesting opening, this club is perfect for you. We will talk abou...

  • Anime & Manga Chess Club

    Anime & Manga Chess Club

    Members: 1,370 Formed: Nov 13, 2008

    A group for chess players who also enjoy Japanese style animation and manga comics. We are a friendly group, so feel free to join;) Right now, we...

  • Silman Fans & Fanatics

    Silman Fans & Fanatics

    Members: 219 Formed: Jan 10, 2012

    This group is for players who are inspired by the writings of Jeremy Silman and who strive to incorporate his ideas into their games, particularly...



    Members: 956 Formed: Mar 15, 2011

    The idea behind this group is Brotherhood, as the name already implies( ARMY OF BROTHERHOOD).We embody the spirit of international teamwork. Any gr...

  • Team Philippines United

    Team Philippines United

    Members: 1,285 Formed: Oct 16, 2008

    Greetings to all chess players, from beginners to grandmasters. We are the OFFICIAL PHILIPPINE TEAM that competes in big stages, (for at least 2 ye...


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