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Huninmunin's Clubs

  • Crown Jewels Team

    Crown Jewels Team

    Members: 91 Formed: Oct 16, 2009

    You are invited to join the Crown Jewels Team. This is a team of Platinum & Diamond Members on Chess.com. We are the crown jewel members of t...

  • American Group

    American Group

    Members: 600 Formed: Sep 27, 2008

    This is a group for the Americans of chess.com. We're playing many vote chess games and team matches, and more are always starting. This team is op...

  • The Learning Group

    The Learning Group

    Members: 1,345 Formed: Sep 16, 2008

    This is a group for those that like to learn. We work together as a group in learning new openings and defenses. We also play in team matches. We e...


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