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Iamlovingprem1's Clubs

  • India 960

    India 960

    Members: 52 Formed: Feb 1, 2012

    This Group is for all Indians who enjoy playing Chess 960 (Random) Chess. The only aim is to be a group of fighting players (and not infighting In...

  • Masters of the Caro-Kann

    Masters of the Caro-Kann

    Members: 167 Formed: Mar 11, 2012

    We are Masters and aspiring Masters of the Caro-Kann defense. We sponsor Caro-Kann study groups; have active forums discussing Caro-Kann articles,...

  • Team Bihar Jharkhand

    Team Bihar Jharkhand

    Members: 93 Formed: Nov 25, 2009

    We represent Bihar & Jharkhand in the Indian League. People from Bihar and Jharkhand are invited to join the group. Our aim is not to win, b...

  • भारत/ BHARAT

    भारत/ BHARAT

    Members: 3,364 Formed: Apr 17, 2011

    Namastey to all Bharatiyas !!! " Bharat" - is the original name of our country , ' India'- is the name attached by Greeks & popul...

  • Alexandhiscros's Group Tournaments

    Alexandhiscros's Group Tournaments

    Members: 252 Formed: Mar 18, 2012

    Hello! If you have already played in any tournaments that I've hosted, you can join this group!

  • Levon Aronian

    Levon Aronian

    Members: 1,019 Formed: Jun 19, 2011

    This is only group representing GM Lev Aronian's fan's. Levon Aronian (Armenian: Լևոն Արոնյան; born 6 October 1982 in Yerevan) is an Armenian ches...

  • Chess Bay960

    Chess Bay960

    Members: 676 Formed: Jul 13, 2010

    It's a Team only operate Chess960 . Now our member is 960+ with a powerful Average Team Rating is near 1700. It's a official site of Chess Bay.If y...

  • Indian Marauders and Friends

    Indian Marauders and Friends

    Members: 3,216 Formed: Sep 16, 2008

    "Strengthen our Oldest and original Indian Group, Our Group is NOT ONLY OPEN for All INDIANS living ANYWHERE in the World. BUT ALSO WE WELCOM...

  • Team India

    Team India

    Members: 7,651 Formed: Nov 15, 2008

    We invite Indians who (A) Fly Indian Flag in their profile (B) Have completed 10 online games (please understand difference from LIVE) and (C) have...


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