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Irie-irie's Clubs

  • ska n reggae club

    ska n reggae club

    Members: 29 Formed: Jan 11, 2012

    This is the Ska and Reggae Lovers Club. Our main love is the music forums, but we may play some chess soon. Anyone is most welcome to join as lon...

  • The Chess Players Of Canada

    The Chess Players Of Canada

    Members: 427 Formed: Sep 25, 2010

    This group is for all players who are from Canada. Only special members like my friends that are not Canadian can join. We play Team matches and Vo...

  • Team Ottawa

    Team Ottawa

    Members: 24 Formed: Mar 16, 2010

    If you live in Ottawa and want to join in the Canadian Cities Championship, Join !! We'll have lots of fun !

  • Team Eastern Canada

    Team Eastern Canada

    Members: 258 Formed: Jun 12, 2009

    For anyone who lives in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland or P.E.I. this group is for you! We have team and vote chess ...

  • 420 Chess Club

    420 Chess Club

    Members: 615 Formed: Mar 20, 2009

    420 Chess Club. If you don't know, then you don't belong. Legalize it!! 18+ only

  • Team Drugs

    Team Drugs

    Members: 87 Formed: Sep 23, 2010

    This group is for all who wants to be a dictator on chess.com....don't take the name seriously We are just kidding with you,have fun and play your ...


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