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Jiabo_cotoz's Clubs

  • Ajedrez en Español

    Ajedrez en Español

    Members: 2,662 Formed: Jan 24, 2013

    Ajedrez en Español nace con la intención de reunir en un mismo equipo a todos los usuarios de Chess.com que utilizan el españo...

  • SOPAN(chess_idiot) & his friends

    SOPAN(chess_idiot) & his friends

    Members: 5,149 Formed: Oct 8, 2010

    Hello, I should be very grateful if you join this group SOPAN(chess_idiot) & his friends. This group is not only for those who love to play c...



    Members: 1,786 Formed: Oct 2, 2014

    Come play with us an interesting chess match and CHOCOLATE II The chocolate house, is in memory for the times of our childhood, parents, brothers, ...



    Members: 1,989 Formed: Apr 16, 2011

    A fun group that is interested in chess and loves the world. We will accept any rating, and age, and sex, etc. LETS MAKE THIS OUR FREE WORLD. So co...

  • Quark's Bar

    Quark's Bar

    Members: 306 Formed: Mar 30, 2013

    The Gamma Quadrant gathering place for all Ferengi's and Friends with Gold Pressed Latinum. This Is the Official Group representing the Ferengi''s ...

  • N A H chess

    N A H chess

    Members: 189 Formed: Oct 17, 2011

    This team is for chess players with a non-congenital brain injury but everyone can enjoi it.

  • Game of Thrones Official

    Game of Thrones Official

    Members: 323 Formed: Dec 24, 2012

    Game of Thrones Official website. Wellcome to our team that is yours as well. We are glad to see you join us in this great Group. We will h...

  • Chess Society

    Chess Society

    Members: 3,027 Formed: Jan 25, 2009

    Welcome! For you who want to play team matches and vote chess games together with other mates from all over the world! We're #7 on the vote chess l...

  • Afro-Latin Rhythms & Chess

    Afro-Latin Rhythms & Chess

    Members: 237 Formed: Apr 12, 2014

    Aquí nos reunimos los que tenemos 2 grandes pasiones: los ritmos musicales Afrolatinos y el ajedrez. Se nos mueven nuestros pies y se nos ...

  • Spanish Chess Masters

    Spanish Chess Masters

    Members: 77 Formed: Apr 21, 2010

    Este es el grupo que representa a maestros de ajedrez en español . Somos un equipo nuevo que es el futuro del equipo # 1. Estamos orgullosos...

  • Chess&Chat


    Members: 959 Formed: Dec 22, 2012

    Join this group if you want to improve in chess. Get and spread ideas on tactics, openings, unfair advantages and tricks on traps. Lets build each ...

  • Don Ramón

    Don Ramón

    Members: 150 Formed: Aug 29, 2013

    Ramón Goméz Valdés y Castillo (Ciudad de México, 2 de setiembre de 1923 – Ciudad de México, 9 de agosto de...

  • Chess Champ

    Chess Champ

    Members: 5,961 Formed: Mar 1, 2011

    A group for all levels of players, just looking for fun, advancement, challenge, and to learn. We will have constant vote chess, team matches, tour...

  • River Plate (CARP)

    River Plate (CARP)

    Members: 239 Formed: Apr 19, 2013

    River Plate is the most successful football team of Argentina, having won the Primera División title a record 33 times. In addition, the clu...

  • Equipo Latinoamérica

    Equipo Latinoamérica

    Members: 741 Formed: Mar 31, 2009

    [La excelencia es el arte de triunfar mediante el aprendizaje y la perseverancia. No actuamos correctamente por tener virtudes, sino que las adquir...

  • Equipo/Team Chile

    Equipo/Team Chile

    Members: 511 Formed: Nov 22, 2008

    Este es el grupo oficial de chilenos en chess.com. Son bienvenidos todos los que quieran chatear, conocer a otros compatriotas del sitio, participa...



    Members: 629 Formed: Oct 5, 2012

    Esto equipo fue creado para todos los jugadores del mundo que hablan español y portugués. En nuestro equipo contamos con partidas con...


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