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Jlg23jlg's Clubs

  • !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

    Members: 13,954 Formed: Apr 29, 2012

    13,000+ members. Come join the VERY BEST coaching group on the World Wide Web!. Led by the top selling coach on chess.com for last 3 years! Simple ...

  • Chess University

    Chess University

    Members: 43,154 Formed: Jun 16, 2010

    Chess University is the global leader in online chess education located at ChessUniversity.com to bring students the absolute best chess learning e...



    Members: 366 Formed: Sep 11, 2010

    LEGION is an active international group where great chess and comradeship are the order of every day. Membership is selective, so if you're a battl...

  • Wizard_Chess97's Tournament Group

    Wizard_Chess97's Tournament Group

    Members: 249 Formed: Jul 10, 2012

    Hi everyone! This is a group for those who have played in one of my tournaments, or if you are planning to play in them. If either of those are tru...

  • Team England

    Team England

    Members: 886 Formed: Oct 13, 2008

    Team England is the national club representing England in chess.com's official World League, European League, 960 League, Vote Chess World Cup and ...

  • ECHOOooo's Tournament Group

    ECHOOooo's Tournament Group

    Members: 394 Formed: Jan 12, 2012

    This is a group for players who have played in my tournaments and those who may be interested in future tournaments. We play primarily "regula...



    Members: 414 Formed: Mar 1, 2009

    PPKs is a group to deal with P4SSED P4WNS and chess in general. We'll work on Tactics, Strategies, Defenses, End Games... As Nimzowitsch said: &quo...


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