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Jpastorizo's Clubs

  • Chess Corner

    Chess Corner

    Members: 1,117 Formed: Jun 14, 2013

    Hey all, warm greetings!! We wanna ask you something. You all would have tasted the sweetness of a candy, sweetness of the sugar, but you know what...

  • The United States Chess Club

    The United States Chess Club

    Members: 560 Formed: Jul 7, 2015

    Hi everyone! This group is for people in the United States representing The United States. We are by far the most active team representing the Unit...

  • Alexander Grischuk Chess Club

    Alexander Grischuk Chess Club

    Members: 858 Formed: Feb 12, 2014

    "Alexander Grischuk Chess Club" - As of 1 January 2015, Grischuk's ratings and rankings were as follows: <Standard> 2810 (Ru...

  • International Vote Chess Group

    International Vote Chess Group

    Members: 163 Formed: Jan 30, 2014

    This group is for anyone who likes vote chess. Feel free to join and have fun!

  • Chess Game

    Chess Game

    Members: 27 Formed: Jul 25, 2014

    Hi, and welcome to this amazing group. Here you can play vote chess, team matches, post comments, share notes etc. We are a very loving group and ...

  • Chess Team America

    Chess Team America

    Members: 303 Formed: Aug 16, 2009

    Welcome to Chess Team America, and playing together with other players from North, Central, Carribean, or South America. Now 450+ members. Welcome ...

  • U.S. Chess Federation

    U.S. Chess Federation

    Members: 2,201 Formed: Dec 23, 2012

    U.S. Chess Federation is the premier team for American chess players as well as all members of the United States Chess Federation. With over 1500 m...

  • Wallyjack's Wonderful Wizards Of Oz

    Wallyjack's Wonderful Wizards Of Oz

    Members: 692 Formed: Jun 4, 2009

    Wallyjack's Wonderful Wizards of Oz


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