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Kerridan's Clubs

  • KNIGHTS of the REALM

    KNIGHTS of the REALM

    Members: 1,174 Formed: Aug 13, 2013

    The Knights main goal is to set up fair Team Matches, and everyone play their best. And if you cheat, you will disgrace yourself and the game. If y...

  • Anime & Manga Chess Club

    Anime & Manga Chess Club

    Members: 1,370 Formed: Nov 13, 2008

    A group for chess players who also enjoy Japanese style animation and manga comics. We are a friendly group, so feel free to join;) Right now, we...

  • Galactic Empire

    Galactic Empire

    Members: 1,923 Formed: Jun 16, 2012

    Welcome, dobrodošli, 歓迎 , ترحيب , welkom, aceitável , boas-vindas , willkommen, 欢迎, καλωσόρι&...

  • Dan Heisman Learning Center

    Dan Heisman Learning Center

    Members: 13,719 Formed: Jul 25, 2012

    Welcome to the premier location for SLOW CHESS on Chess.com - real tournaments - played on the Live Chess Server at time controls such as G/45+45 a...

  • Second Amendment Rights

    Second Amendment Rights

    Members: 434 Formed: Apr 30, 2011

    "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringe...

  • Robots Of Dawn

    Robots Of Dawn

    Members: 503 Formed: Sep 18, 2012

    No robotic moves here. We are a fraternity,of science fiction fans,who play dazzling chess,in spectacular matches and tournaments,against the fines...

  • Star Trek: The Dominion

    Star Trek: The Dominion

    Members: 1,696 Formed: Aug 9, 2012

    The Dominion was established over 2000 years prior to the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, by the Changelings (ie Founders), as a means of def...


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