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Psychopompos's Clubs

  • Team of the Czech Republic

    Team of the Czech Republic

    Members: 387 Formed: Dec 9, 2008

    This group represents the Czech Republic in the Chess.com World and European competitions. We invite players of all level, who plays any forms of c...

  • Česká liga-Západočeský kraj

    Česká liga-Západočeský kraj

    Members: 5 Formed: Sep 13, 2013

    Západočeský kraj

  • Welcome  in  chess!

    Welcome in chess!

    Members: 190 Formed: Mar 12, 2011

    Welcome in chess and in our pretty group for chess players. Our group is being dedicated to peace in our world. We are playi...

  • Bogoljubov Variations

    Bogoljubov Variations

    Members: 80 Formed: May 26, 2011

    Bogo-Indian and all Bogolyubov Variations / Все вариации Ефима Боголюбова. This group makes part of The SuperWeb, please join our friendly network ...


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