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Toki's Clubs

  • Team Philippines United

    Team Philippines United

    Members: 1,283 Formed: Oct 16, 2008

    Greetings to all chess players, from beginners to grandmasters. We are the OFFICIAL PHILIPPINE TEAM that competes in big stages, (for at least 2 ye...

  • ASIA


    Members: 5,197 Formed: Feb 20, 2009

    Asia is the largest continent with the most population in the world. The best chess players in the world are from Asia. Our goal is to unite all of...

  • The Mohsen Club

    The Mohsen Club

    Members: 302 Formed: Aug 14, 2012

    The Mohsen Club Tropical Island Resort is the holiday destination of Chess.com's highest quality players :)



    Members: 274 Formed: Mar 23, 2009

    Being D` CHESSBOMB means being part of the group, so we can learn, share, play and let our spirit free.. Plz join and be one of the Bombers of Che...



    Members: 1,504 Formed: Feb 13, 2009

    A team where all chess players come together and play chess. Team of aggressive and active players. We play a lot of matches and vote chess games. ...

  • Chess&Chat


    Members: 959 Formed: Dec 22, 2012

    Join this group if you want to improve in chess. Get and spread ideas on tactics, openings, unfair advantages and tricks on traps. Lets build each ...

  • South East Asia

    South East Asia

    Members: 446 Formed: Feb 7, 2009

    This is group for chess players from all all over Southeast Asia Countries (Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Phil...

  • Chess Society

    Chess Society

    Members: 3,029 Formed: Jan 25, 2009

    Welcome! For you who want to play team matches and vote chess games together with other mates from all over the world! We're #7 on the vote chess l...

  • SnowWhite


    Members: 172 Formed: Mar 20, 2009

    A group for all friends and who wants to join!. Welcome to SnowWhite !!!!.....(GROUP ADMINS!)

  • International Masters

    International Masters

    Members: 122 Formed: Jul 6, 2009

    This group is for every loyal one from all around the globe! Join us to make the best team!!!

  • Alexander Alekhine and his defense

    Alexander Alekhine and his defense

    Members: 237 Formed: Feb 22, 2009

    A group for the 4rth World Chess Champion.At this group you can see some of Alekhine's games,opening lines for his defense,photos and articles abou...

  • We Chat Asia

    We Chat Asia

    Members: 76 Formed: Jun 19, 2009

    We Chat Global Members from the great continent of Asia. We are a part of a unique chess group with members from around the globe. We boast the lar...

  • Global Women

    Global Women

    Members: 334 Formed: Feb 1, 2009

    Global Women is a private forum for the women of We Chat Global and the largest all-women's group in chess.com. We are very active in team matches ...

  • Chess Addicts!

    Chess Addicts!

    Members: 58 Formed: Mar 7, 2009

    Chess Addicts has attracted more than 100 talented,creative, intellegent and great individuals. This a group for those who love chess and for those...

  • Chess'nChicks® Club

    Chess'nChicks® Club

    Members: 171 Formed: Feb 28, 2009

    This Club is for those who have two passions in life. Chess and Girls. If you put them together, then you get the most appealing and intelligent be...

  • World Girls

    World Girls

    Members: 66 Formed: Mar 2, 2009

    This is a group which is only for girls. Good luck in your games.

  • Region 1 Team Philippines

    Region 1 Team Philippines

    Members: 46 Formed: Feb 11, 2009

    Region 1 Team Philippines Group Offshoot group from Team Philippines


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