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Tommy_nst's Clubs

  • Asian Chess Federation

    Asian Chess Federation

    Members: 416 Formed: Apr 3, 2010

    This is the accredited chess.com site for the Asian Chess Federation (ACF), the official body recognised by FIDE to promote all forms of chess thro...

  • ✮ Club Catur Indonesia ✮

    ✮ Club Catur Indonesia ✮

    Members: 970 Formed: Feb 14, 2012

    Tempat berkumpulnya pemain catur online dari Indonesia untuk saling berbagi (sharing) ilmu dan pengalaman bermain catur sehingga akan meningkatkan ...

  • Chess School

    Chess School

    Members: 10,974 Formed: Jan 21, 2011

    Welcome to Chess School! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! If you feel yourself worthy, come on in and join ...

  • Super FLash

    Super FLash

    Members: 631 Formed: Jul 9, 2012

    Looking for a nice home to play chess? Where friendship and fun are more important than just wins? Where the flavor is truly international and ever...

  • World Peace Chess Club

    World Peace Chess Club

    Members: 3,842 Formed: Jun 8, 2012

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace". Jimi Hendrix! Welcome to the Grandest group on this site!...

  • International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group

    International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group

    Members: 667 Formed: Feb 19, 2012

    Welcome to the International 10 Minute Vote Chess Group! This team was specifically created for those who want to play 10 minute vote chess. Howeve...

  • Muslim Chess Masters

    Muslim Chess Masters

    Members: 971 Formed: Mar 30, 2010

    Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu, Welcome To All The Brothers & Sisters to this chess group/team. This is a fair and free Sport ...

  • Chess Bay960

    Chess Bay960

    Members: 676 Formed: Jul 13, 2010

    It's a Team only operate Chess960 . Now our member is 960+ with a powerful Average Team Rating is near 1700. It's a official site of Chess Bay.If y...

  • ASIA


    Members: 5,197 Formed: Feb 20, 2009

    Asia is the largest continent with the most population in the world. The best chess players in the world are from Asia. Our goal is to unite all of...

  • Arabian Heart & Peace Loving World Citizens...

    Arabian Heart & Peace Loving World Citizens...

    Members: 770 Formed: Jun 12, 2009

    ... A team for all true peace lovers all over the world ... A good environment here for you to play your favorite game in a good refreshing environ...

  • NBA FanClub

    NBA FanClub

    Members: 451 Formed: May 8, 2009

    We're a group of people who love playing chess and follow NBA basketball, big one, occasional one, small one. We welcome you all! Sportsmansh...



    Members: 9,096 Formed: Oct 15, 2008

    Hi! We invite you to join: "The Power of Chess" We have been #1 of both the Vote Chess and Team Chess leaderboards. Currentl...

  • The Knights of Chess.com

    The Knights of Chess.com

    Members: 594 Formed: Jul 2, 2010

    We are The Knights of Chess.com! We play vote chess games and team matches, we have a word association, tournaments, and so much more. So come join...



    Members: 478 Formed: Dec 25, 2009

    Just a group of friends who love to play together against other teams...... we are a friendly group who love to ride our horses into battle,with e...



    Members: 70 Formed: Sep 23, 2007

    THE TERMINATORZ is a fine group which concerns more with QUALITY than quantity, and a healthy, friendly environment for playing chess. We play Team...

  • Chess BayTVC

    Chess BayTVC

    Members: 118 Formed: Nov 12, 2010

    This is an unit of Chess Bay that only deals with Team Vote Chess (TVC) in both format (Standard and Chess960). Only the Invited players are eligi...

  • King's Gambit Players

    King's Gambit Players

    Members: 1,173 Formed: Feb 21, 2009

    Welcome to King's Gambit Players Group! This group is for players who frequently play the King's Gambit(if not always!). We have frequent team mat...

  • Unlimited Chess960

    Unlimited Chess960

    Members: 694 Formed: Feb 17, 2010

    Welcome to Unlimited Chess960! The goal(s) of this group is to create the largest and most active Chess960 group on chess.com. Come and join us to ...

  • Chess Unlimited

    Chess Unlimited

    Members: 10,842 Formed: Apr 1, 2008

    Chess Unlimited was formed in 2008 as one of the earliest formed teams on chess.com. Over the years, Chess Unlimited has seen many changes and has ...

  • World Chess Players

    World Chess Players

    Members: 1,133 Formed: May 15, 2010

    This is a team for all the chess players on the world who love to play chess. We play lots of team matches. We learn tactics and openings . ...

  • hyves chess team

    hyves chess team

    Members: 469 Formed: Feb 14, 2010

    Welcome to this worldwide friendship team :http://www.chess.com/groups/home/hyves-chess-team enjoy this team and lets have a good time here. Here...


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