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Wjcsz's Clubs

  • China Club

    China Club

    Members: 163 Formed: Aug 27, 2016

    <中国俱乐部>我们致力于建设更加活跃的、有序的和高质量的中国团队。(非官方联赛队)如果你有兴趣,请立即加入我们!欢迎加QQ群交流148279836 <China Club> We are committed to building a more active, ...

  • Team China 中国队

    Team China 中国队

    Members: 2,106 Formed: Oct 15, 2008

    Team China 中国队是chess.com官方国家队, 参加世界联赛和亚洲联赛, 我们宗旨是为华人及国际友人提供一个国际象棋交流平台,本组定期举办各类比赛,并提倡组员之间分享国际象棋资源(QQ groupnumber 148279836),谢谢 Welcome to join Team ...

  • Team Taiwan 台灣

    Team Taiwan 台灣

    Members: 287 Formed: Mar 7, 2009

    Hello, this is the home for Taiwan players on chess.com We will get together for team matches, vote chess, and various tournments. We might be ...

  • ASIA


    Members: 5,197 Formed: Feb 20, 2009

    Asia is the largest continent with the most population in the world. The best chess players in the world are from Asia. Our goal is to unite all of...

  • Language Exchange

    Language Exchange

    Members: 34 Formed: May 26, 2015

    This group's purpose is to offer a place for anyone in the world to gather and share their language with others, where everyone learns...and wins. ...

  • Active Turn-Based Tournament Players

    Active Turn-Based Tournament Players

    Members: 925 Formed: Feb 8, 2015

    This group has been specifically made for chess.com members who enjoy participating in turn-based games and tournaments. This group will be a mediu...

  • Chess Corner

    Chess Corner

    Members: 1,117 Formed: Jun 14, 2013

    Hey all, warm greetings!! We wanna ask you something. You all would have tasted the sweetness of a candy, sweetness of the sugar, but you know what...

  • International Vote Chess Group

    International Vote Chess Group

    Members: 163 Formed: Jan 30, 2014

    This group is for anyone who likes vote chess. Feel free to join and have fun!

  • LullabyVisca


    Members: 847 Formed: Jun 9, 2014

    Welcome to the Group honoring Sensation WFM LullabyVisca

  • Chess University

    Chess University

    Members: 43,116 Formed: Jun 16, 2010

    Chess University is the global leader in online chess education located at ChessUniversity.com to bring students the absolute best chess learning e...

  • 💋 𝒩𝒾𝓃𝒿𝒶 𝐸𝓂𝓅𝒾𝓇𝑒

    💋 𝒩𝒾𝓃𝒿𝒶 𝐸𝓂𝓅𝒾𝓇𝑒

    Members: 2,421 Formed: Aug 30, 2012

    Welcome, Shinobi Warrior into the presence of future epic battles alongside well armed warriors. Many Masters in fact and proven experts.We ho...

  • Chess960 RandomChess

    Chess960 RandomChess

    Members: 414 Formed: Feb 15, 2010

    Aren't you kind of bored with playing the same opening lines over and over again? Here we play Chess960, the most addictive chess variant proposed...

  • Chess960 Society

    Chess960 Society

    Members: 384 Formed: Jul 6, 2009

    Welcome to Chess960 Society! This team is open for players from all over the world that want to play Chess960! We play team matches, vote chess, a...



    Members: 1,504 Formed: Feb 13, 2009

    A team where all chess players come together and play chess. Team of aggressive and active players. We play a lot of matches and vote chess games. ...

  • Fast Players Group

    Fast Players Group

    Members: 1,283 Formed: Jun 27, 2008

    This group is for people that like to play fast. Bored with people only making minimum moves?......then play here since that kind of play is not ac...

  • The Cats

    The Cats

    Members: 1,423 Formed: Aug 31, 2009

    Welcome to The Cats! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! We're an unequalled international chess group with me...

  • World Friendship

    World Friendship

    Members: 1,647 Formed: Apr 27, 2010

    This group is based on friendship and goodwill, allowing chess lovers to meet and network from the four corners of the world.The group's solidity w...

  • World Chess Players

    World Chess Players

    Members: 1,133 Formed: May 15, 2010

    This is a team for all the chess players on the world who love to play chess. We play lots of team matches. We learn tactics and openings . ...

  • Chess School

    Chess School

    Members: 10,992 Formed: Jan 21, 2011

    Welcome to Chess School! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! If you feel yourself worthy, come on in and join ...

  • Chess Society

    Chess Society

    Members: 3,028 Formed: Jan 25, 2009

    Welcome! For you who want to play team matches and vote chess games together with other mates from all over the world! We're #7 on the vote chess l...

  • We Chat Global

    We Chat Global

    Members: 11,643 Formed: Dec 7, 2008

    We're a unique group with over 10,000 members from around the globe. We host the largest all women, teen, kids and men groups in Chess.com...Global...



    Members: 9,106 Formed: Oct 15, 2008

    Hi! We invite you to join: "The Power of Chess" We have been #1 of both the Vote Chess and Team Chess leaderboards. Currentl...

  • Unlimited Chess960

    Unlimited Chess960

    Members: 694 Formed: Feb 17, 2010

    Welcome to Unlimited Chess960! The goal(s) of this group is to create the largest and most active Chess960 group on chess.com. Come and join us to ...

  • Team Asia

    Team Asia

    Members: 853 Formed: Feb 7, 2009

    Welcome to Team Asia! This group is open for all Asian and Oceanian players. We playing tournaments, team matches, and vote chess together.

  • Chess960 Players Group

    Chess960 Players Group

    Members: 3,255 Formed: Jun 30, 2009

    Join the largest Chess960 group (3,250+ members) on chess.com! Chess960 is the most fun game and the best type of chess invented by the best chess ...


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