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Private Online Lessons for 1 Hour In our first lesson I will help you improve key aspects of your play right away! $75.00
Private Online Course | 5 Hours Consistent coaching pays good dividends! $320.00
Chess Sparring with Written Analysis for 1 Month Best way to improve at chess via consistent, long-term practice! $180.00
Chess Sparring with Written Analysis for 2 Months Save $60 off the second month when paying in bulk! $300.00

About Me:

For online chess coaching and enquiries, please email or send a private message directly. 

Here are some highlights on my career as professional FIDE Trainer and International Master travelling around the world:

■ Most recently I was selected by former world champion Garry Kasparov to teach several African teams at the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway August 2014..

■ Between 2005 and 2007, I was lecturing at the Harvard University Chess Club coach and worked with many talented players who then went on to become top GMs and IMs and compete internationally for their alma mater.

■ I am probably one of a handful of coaches who have taught in more than 35 countries around the world. I was teaching chess at multiple institutions in the greater Boston area, as well as in other American states. I have also taught chess in Germany, Italy, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, as well as the Philippines among other Asian and African countries. All of that experience helped me expand my chess knowledge and teaching skills I regularly use when coaching students over the internet.

■ Currently I teach primarily in Europe. I travel to various chess clubs, visit major chess tournaments and teach students privately while they compete at those events.  
I am always updating my knowledge  novelties and  new ideas, lines which pop up in recent strong tournament around Europe  , Then I pass those ideas to my students online !!  .

I also enrich their chess preparation through real examples taken from the very latest chess competitions held around the world especially the one I see it live and analyze it with the players who played it .

■ In 1990 I won a gold medal at the Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad, Serbia Now , I came a head of 110 Countries and many GMs, IMs . I was 22, self taught so it was a big surprise .

■ Having a number of victories against strong GMs, I have contributed to many chess novelties which have been published in the famous Chess Informant, New in cheaa and other magazines. I gained 4 IM norms and over 2400 rating point on my way to be an IM and then I devoted all my time for coaching chess .


How Does the Training Work?

Mr. Husari is one of few IMs who is a member at He plays two games at a time with each of his students while offering them instructive comments aimed at improving skills , knowledge and enjoyment, not too much to keep the game competitive but definitely he will provide you with the right and instructive comment in the right time enriching your opening ,middle and endgames  . When one game ends, a new one begins immediately. Mr. Husari responds quickly, so the number of games students play in any given time period is based upon their schedule and response time! Remember, practicing with strong players is the best way to build skills NO COMUTERS DURING THE WHOLE GAME , Quick respond from IM Satea side always. Students can take vacation any time and I will add the days they took towered the end of the Month. 

Some times My students and I can be online at the same times so we play many moves ( especially the opening beside we chat as well). Students will be impressed with their improvement after a few months of practicing these ways. Besides, IM Husari may play with you a 10 or 15 minute live games once a Month and then call you (Skype, Phone, Yahoo) to analyze the games to complete 75 Minutes training. Usually strong players do not accept playing weaker than them and if they do they do not respond quickly and sometimes one game may takes one or two Month beside the strong side will submit his move without any comment , not to mention that some strong rated player are just using computers to play.

Second Teaching Method: He plays with the student live chess games ,time control 5 or 10 or 20 Minutes games and then we analyze the games on the phone ( Skype or Yahoo messenger or I can call your phone ) to complete one or one and half hour training section , this training should be very pleasant one, in a nice evening we can enjoy playing and analyzing and talking about chess.

I recommend this method to those who has rating between 1600-2300.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be only take on up to about 5 students at a time! IM Husari will not take more than 5 quality  students at any given time as he wants  to have enough time and energy to do his job in best way possible!
IM Satea Husari Career Highlights

Won a Gold Medal in Novi Sad Chess Olympiad 1990 .
Have taught chess in Abu Dhabi chess club for the whole year of 1993 .
Have played and taught in more than 50 International Chess Tournaments in over 22 Countries ! between the Year 1988 to 2008 .
Have taught Chess in Universities ( former Harvard chess coach in Boston 2004-2006) Schools, Libraries , Clubs and private in 10 Countries !! ( USA,Germany,England,France,Hungary,Philippines , Jordan, UAE,Hungary and Syria) from the Years 1993 till now 2009 .
Have remarkable result against strong GM about 9 wins 15 draws and   and many of my games and Novelties was published in Chess Inf and books.
Chief coach of the Chess Corps organization for the year 2006-2007.
Here is what Chess Corps from USA has wrote about him :

Mr Husari ranks among the select group of players recognized as creators of new chess theory. He has had several of his novelties published in respected professional journals including the Chess Informant. 

Since 1993, Mr. Husari has taught chess to students of all ages from diverse backgrounds and cultures including students from Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon and the United States. Over these years he has studied with many notable Grandmasters including Yasser Seirwan (USA) Kotronias Vasiliops, (Greece) and Fressinet Laurent (France). 

Most recently he has served as Chess Coach for Harvard University, and has run library programs, chess clubs, and private schools in the greater Boston area.

Mr Husari’s teaching style and personal character are reflected in his belief that students should play bravely even against opponents who are much stronger than themselves. In his opinion this may be a more difficult path but it is an effective way to build the character of a winner and develop a strong chess style. Mr. Husari believes that in the end, the hero is not the one who wins tournaments but is the one who has the heart of a champion.



  • 14 months ago


    IM Satea Husari is an excellent coach. He has taught me many different things in chess including: how to think, patience, various openings and more. Through his help, I have improved my strategy and my skill. I am a better chess player now, than when I started studying with him a few years ago.

  • 16 months ago

    IM Satea_Husari

     In the  Photo  IM Satea Husari , with the greatest Player all times WCH Garry Kasparov and GM Suzan Polgar .

  • 7 years ago

    IM Satea_Husari

    Best regards,

    IM Satea Husari

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